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  1. Hi, I have to create custom tool tip wich contain label,value and percentage. ex. tooltext="Caution:5321,11%" As per one of the in customise tooltip we need to show the percentage value mannualy. Here I am facing proble that : Percentage value calculated by Pie chart(V3) is 12% and the value I am calculating mannualy is comming 11%. May I know the formula FusionChartV3 Pie chart is using so I can make them same? Or is there any way to make them same? Thanks.
  2. Plain Bars Without Shade

    Hi there, I got the solution to avoid white shade of the bars i.e data-items I just make plotGradientColor=' ' in <chart> tag and it solved my problem. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Could you please tell me how to make bars with plain color. I dont want that white shading in the color of the bars. Thanks.
  4. Classic Asp Export

    Hi, I have bought your Fusion Charts v3 for my Classic ASP webapplication. Perticularly for export functionality on server side. But I am shoked that you do not support serverside export for Classic ASP. You havent mentioned it on your website. The statement you have given you "support multiple programming languages like Asp.NEt,PHP,J2EE,RoR." This means export functionality is available above technologies as well as some other are also there. But you supports only these technologies and none of other. YOU MUST SPECIFY THIS ON YOUR DOCUMENTATION AND VERSION COMPARISON OTHER WISE I AM SORRY TO SAY I FEEL IT IS ditching THE PEOPLE.