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  1. List of standard colors

    Hi, I need a list of the first 20 standard colors that are used for the chart data plots. e.g. set label='Jan' value='420000' color='FF0000' set label='Feb' value='910000' color='00FF00' ... Thanks in advance. Kilian
  2. The feature is now implemented in FusionCharts v3:"Text labels instead of data values FusionCharts also allows you to specify custom string values instead of the numeric data values for each data item. This can be provided as displayValue attribute of <set> element"
  3. Hi, is there a possitbility for showing maps with dynmiac size of countries depending on the value size of the country. You can see this on Example: Luxembourg has a higher steel export of per person living in that territory (2339) than Germany (51). So the size of Luxembourg in the map is greater than that of Germany, even the real size in square kilometers of Germany (357114) is higher than that of Luxembourg (2586). So you can see in the displayed size of the country how much steel is exported in the ratio to other countries. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Hi, but then all 0-decimals are cut off: Values: 123,456 45,000 789,120 Result: 123,456 45 789,12 Additionally we have different numbers of decimals in our data and we want to show them with different numbers of decimals and we don't want that 0-decimals are cut off. The solution would be an option like: showOriginValues. So the presentation of the values would be equal to the value in the value-attribute. No formats should be changed. Regards, Kilian
  5. Hi, our Charts are filled with different data with different decimals. I don't want to format them because they're formatted already. They should be displayed as they are. These are my options from the xml-file: showValues="1" formatNumberScale="0" decimalSeparator="," thousandSeparator="." inDecimalSeparator="," inThousandSeparator="." decimals="3" forceDecimals="3" My values: 12.345,678 123,40 The Result in the Chart: 12.345,678 123,400 What I want: 12.345,678 123,40 How is it possible to show the values in origin formatted format? Regards, Kilian