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  1. Can someone explain the relationship between the chart and flash. The issue is as follows. Set up several pie charts for clients. Originally software allowed to slice and rotate. Now when I run the charts, these options are no longer available. Consequently, when I attemp to look at my flash settings, I can no longer modify my flash player settings from the Flash website. So I am thinking these two are related and trying to determine if a network setting/change/policy is causing this problem? Thanks for your time!
  2. Resolved. I was applying the link in the wrong section of the marker XML. After re-reading the documentation.
  3. Attached is the debugger code I got by turning on the debugger: Info: Map loaded and initialized. Version: 3.0.4 Map Objects: BACKGROUND PLOT LABELS LEGEND TOOLTIP MARKERS MARKERLABELS MARKERCONNECTORS Initial Width: 700 Initial Height: 300 Scale Mode: noScale Debug Mode: Yes Application Message Language: EN INFO: Map registered with external script. DOM Id of map is Map1Id INFO: XML Data provided using dataURL method. dataURL provided: map.xml dataURL invoked: map.xml XML Data: <map borderColor="005879" fillColor="D7F4FF" numberSuffix=" Mill." includeValueInLabels="1" labelSepChar=": " baseFontSize="9"><data><entity id="NA" value="515" link="JavaScript:myJS('NA, 515');" /><entity id="SA" value="373" link="JavaScript:myJS('SA, 373');" /><entity id="AS" value="3875" link="JavaScript:myJS('AS, 3875');" /><entity id="EU" value="727" link="JavaScript:myJS('EU, 727');" /><entity id="AF" value="885" link="JavaScript:myJS('AF, 885');" /><entity id="AU" value="32" link="JavaScript:myJS('AU, 32');" /></data><markers><definition><marker id="CAN" x="113.02" y="141" link="JavaScript: loadPg('CAN');" label="Canada" labelPos="left" /><marker id="INC" x="135.52" y="172.5" link="Javascript: loadPg('INC');" label="Houston" labelPos="right" /><marker id="SPL" x="335.02" y="121.5" link="Javascript: loadPg('SPL');" label="United Kingdom" labelPos="top" /><marker id="SIN" x="560.02" y="267" link="Javascript: loadPg('SIN');" label="Singapore" labelPos="bottom" /><marker id="DUB" x="446.02" y="202.5" link="Javascript: loadPg('DUB');" label="Dubai" labelPos="top" /></definition><application><marker id="CAN" shapeId="triangle" /><marker id="INC" shapeId="triangle" /><marker id="SPL" shapeId="triangle" /><marker id="SIN" shapeId="triangle" /><marker id="DUB" shapeId="triangle" /></application></markers></map>
  4. I applied your XML example for the entity javascript and that works. I extended that code with the marker code. I'm still not having any luck with the javascript firing from the marker. See XML Below: <map borderColor='005879' fillColor='D7F4FF' numberSuffix=' Mill.' includeValueInLabels='1' labelSepChar=': ' baseFontSize='9'> <data> <entity id='NA' value='515' link="JavaScript:myJS('NA, 515');"/> <entity id='SA' value='373' link="JavaScript:myJS('SA, 373');"/> <entity id='AS' value='3875' link="JavaScript:myJS('AS, 3875');"/> <entity id='EU' value='727' link="JavaScript:myJS('EU, 727');"/> <entity id='AF' value='885' link="JavaScript:myJS('AF, 885');"/> <entity id='AU' value='32' link="JavaScript:myJS('AU, 32');"/> </data> <markers> <definition> <marker id='CAN' x='113.02' y='141' link="JavaScript: loadPg('CAN');" label='Canada' labelPos='left' /> <marker id='INC' x='135.52' y='172.5' link="Javascript: loadPg('INC');" label='Houston' labelPos='right' /> <marker id='SPL' x='335.02' y='121.5' link="Javascript: loadPg('SPL');" label='United Kingdom' labelPos='top' /> <marker id='SIN' x='560.02' y='267' link="Javascript: loadPg('SIN');" label='Singapore' labelPos='bottom' /> <marker id='DUB' x='446.02' y='202.5' link="Javascript: loadPg('DUB');" label='Dubai' labelPos='top' /> </definition> <application> <marker id='CAN' shapeId='triangle' /> <marker id='INC' shapeId='triangle' /> <marker id='SPL' shapeId='triangle' /> <marker id='SIN' shapeId='triangle' /> <marker id='DUB' shapeId='triangle' /> </application> </markers> </map>
  5. Please note, that the XML file does not have this string: map.setDataXML( at the start of the file. The string was only in my picture, because I had copied it from the web page where I was placing the strings inline while testing.
  6. I am trying to create a simple usage of the Worldmap. If I follow and create an example and attempt to load from an XML file: this is what I see on my screen: If I place the XML inline, I can get the chart; however, I cannot get the MARKER link function to work. I even wrote a simple function in which I just try to alert a message. My javascript code is simple: And here is the XML: Why does the insertion of the file not interpret the XML correctly. Please note, I removed the link part of the one marker line to verify that was not causing the effect where a portion of the map shows. What can I do to use inline Javascript and have strings in the function. So if you have: link='JAVASCRIPT: loadPg('myStr');' Does not work. Tried: var myVar = 'myStr'; Then loading the function as follows: link='JAVASCRIPT: loadPg(myStr);' ? I'm at my wit's end with this one.
  7. I'm trying to use some code using your javascript method. var chart1 = new FusionCharts("" My question is why do you have to use relative addressing with the function call? Steps taken: - created virtual directory under main root web called Fusion charts. Beneath that folder I placed a folder called SWFile. Attempted to create web reference. I've tried creating dynamically: http://<web root name>/FusionCharts/SWFile/<chart swf file>.swf That did not work. I then tried creating an application wide variable for the root web server map path and adding Fusion ChartsSWfile i.e.: c:<root web directory>FusionChartsSWFile<swfile>.swf And that did not work. Are their any hints or workarounds to using relative address "../../FusionCharts"