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  1. Clickurl Javascript Max Length On Iexplorer

    Due to the framework we use I'm stuck with the Flash one. I ended up going through all parameters and only taking the ones I need and truncate the string as much as possible so it just fits now. Thanks for the help and I hope this thread can help someone else in the future. Kind regards, Mike
  2. Clickurl Javascript Max Length On Iexplorer

    I'm not passing a URL but doing a javascript call. I guess that when Flash talks to the browser the browser handles the same maximum path length and therefore it won't work. I'll look into minifying the string and see what I can do about it. Apparently Firefox has a max length of somewhere around 65k which explains why it works there. Kind regards, Mike
  3. Clickurl Javascript Max Length On Iexplorer

    Hi, I need to send a long string parameter to javascript when clicking on a chart. It works great in Firefox but once the string gets too long (somewhere around 500-1000 chars) Internet Explorer refuses to execute the javascript. Splitting it up into several parameters or function calls doesn't solve it either, it is as if there is a max size to the clickURL attribute in Internet Explorer. Did you run into this before? Is there a fix? Kind regards, Mike
  4. Linking From Marker Labels

    Thanks for the swift reply Angshu. Too bad that it isn't possible as it would make the map much more intuitive. Kind regards, Mike
  5. Linking From Marker Labels

    Hi, I'm having an issue, I'm able to use the link property on an application marker (<marker id='1' shapeId='1Image' link='JavaScript:setFilter("Aalsmeer");'/>) but it only triggers when someone clicks on the shape, and not on the label (defined in the definition marker). Can you please help? The markers part of the xml looks like: <markers> <definition> <marker id='1' x="160.54" y="280.55" label='Aalsmeer' labelPos='right'/> <marker id='2' x="191.54" y="243.55" label='Amsterdam' labelPos='right'/> </definition> <shapes> <shape id='1Image' type='image' url='/pictures/images/up.png' labelPadding='8'/> <shape id='2Image' type='image' url='/pictures/images/up.png' labelPadding='8'/> </shapes> <application> <marker id='1' shapeId='1Image' link='JavaScript:setFilter("Aalsmeer");'/> <marker id='2' shapeId='2Image' link='JavaScript:setFilter("Amsterdam");'/> </application> </markers> Thank you in advance! Mike