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  1. Bgswf

    Good day! I have need to your help. I want to add bg image so I used bgSWF attribute in jsp file. But I just got like attach file. I don't know Where is problem? Can you help? I noticed jsp source below <chart bgSWF='/images/biz_management/hpcb/fusionchartbg.gif' bgAlpha='0,0,0' bgSWFAlpha='100' canvasBgAlpha='0,0' caption='' showBorder='0' borderThickness='0' formatNumberScale='0' chartLeftMargin="0" chartRightMargin="0" chartTopMargin="10" chartBottomMargin="5" captionPadding="0" canvasPadding="80" showValues='1' xAxisNamePadding='0' maxColWidth="35" showToolTip='0' PYAxisName='' SYAxisName='' baseFont='tahoma' baseFontSize ='9' legendPosition='TOP' TRENDVALUES='' showLegend ='1' showCanvasBg='0' numDivLines='0' showYAxisValues ='0' showShadow='0' showLabels ='0' showDivLineValues ='0' canvasBorderAlpha ='0' legendBorderAlpha='0' legendBgAlpha ='0' legendShadow ='0' > <categories fontSize='10'> <category label='<%=rows[0].getString("yr4")%>' /> <category label='<%=rows[0].getString("yr3")%>' /> <category label='<%=rows[0].getString("yr2")%>' /> <category label='<%=rows[0].getString("yr1")%>' /> </categories> <% String str_Axis = ""; String parentYAxis = ""; String renderAs = ""; for(int i=1; i < totalcnt; i++) { String color = (String)rows.getString("color1"); String charttype = (String)rows.getString("charttype"); if(charttype.equals("S")){ renderAs="Column"; parentYAxis = "Y"; }else{ renderAs="Line"; parentYAxis = "S"; } String calcnm = rows.getString("calcnm"); if(calcnm != null && !calcnm.equals("")){ calcnm = "("+calcnm+")"; }else { calcnm=""; } if(!charttype.equals("S") && !charttype.equals("")){ %> <dataset seriesName='<%=rows.getString("gbnnm")%><%=calcnm%>' color='<%=color%>' renderAs='<%=renderAs%>' parentYAxis='<%=parentYAxis%>' lineThickness ='2' lineColor='<%=color%>' > <set value='<%=rows.getString("yr4").trim()%>' anchorRadius='4' /> <set value='<%=rows.getString("yr3").trim()%>' anchorRadius='4' /> <set value='<%=rows.getString("yr2").trim()%>' anchorRadius='4' /> <set value='<%=rows.getString("yr1").trim()%>' anchorRadius='4' /> </dataset> <% } } %> <styles> <definition> <style name='myCaptionFont' type='font' font='tahoma' size='16' color='#797979' bold='1' underline='0'/> <style name='myValueFont' type='font' size='9' Font='tahoma' color='#202020' bold='0' /> <style name='myBevel' type='bevel' distance='1' /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='Caption' styles='myCaptionFont' /> <apply toObject='Legend' styles='myLegendFont' /> <apply toObject='DataValues' styles='myValueFont' /> <apply toObject='ANCHORS' styles='myBevel' /> </application> </styles> </chart>
  2. Stacked Column 3D Chart

    Thank you for your reply~ I hope to that solved future. Have a great day ~
  3. Good day~ Please help me about data overlap problem of Stacked Column 3D Chart in Fusionchart. Please see the below screen. You can see the data of Stacked Column 3D Chart that is overlap. I want to the data plot show in side or show like Doughnut Chart in below screen . I need to tail for data plot. What can I do for this Chart? I don't want to change the graph heigh size and the font size. bz the screen size fixed. If There is not any way, Please reply to me. It's importent my project. I will waitting your reply. Thank you.