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  1. ZoomLine - show higher values

    Thanks Gagan, I will update my FusionCharts.
  2. Hello guys, I have a problem for show the higher values. In my chart, i have a higher value in day Jan/05 and i need show this value. Example: http://jsfiddle.net/3vL5p6ax/ Can you help me?
  3. Hi guys, I Have the same problem as rocky1518 described. I tried to implementing the autoscroll via javascript and works perfectly in FF, Chrome, Opera e etc, but not work on IE. On IE, the export initiates normally when I position the chart on the viewing area (via javascript), but on document scroll the export stop and only finish if i put again the chart on the viewing area manually. how I could solve this problem?
  4. See an example in the image attached. I would like to show the drill-down with different chart types on each data point. For example: clicking on a column I want to show the drilldown with chart line, on another column I want to show the drilldown with bar graph, etc. I hope I've explained well =D Sorry for my bad english
  5. Hi Guys, I would know if is possible open linked charts with different types on a single chart. For example: <linkeddata renderAs='line'>, <linkeddata renderAs='area'>, <linkeddatarenderAs='colunm'> etc. I dont know if I was clear. If anyone can help me, I appreciate. Tks!
  6. hi guys, I'm working on a project that requires the generation of graphs with drill-drown. So far so good, I can generate charts with drill-drown. The problem is that the project also requires the dynamic exchange of chart types and it works well when not in drill-drown. When I'm at a level of drill-drown and I want to change the chart type, the chart father is loaded again, so I lose the preview of the child chart when I change the type. If I only change the swf (via javascript), the chart loses its animation and the child chart loses the back overlay. Someone has needed it? Can you help?