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  1. How to dissapear the zero plane label.

    Values i am providing to a multiseries Line FusionChart are from suppose +50 to -25, now these values are getting entered negative side and zero plane is appearing, now i dont want "0" label on y-axis because it will overlap other lables. What shd i do?
  2. Hi please tell me what should i do ion case when canvas border is cutting the chart anchor?
  3. my canvas border is cutting the anchor on chart.

    Thanks but it is not working..
  4. I want the chart not to start from ZERO

    Hi, the values i am passing to chart are from 60 to 80, i want the chart to be plotted only from like 50 to 100, but it is starting from 0 to 100 on y-axis if i am setting yAxisMinValue=50 and yAxisMaxValue=100. Please help Thankx...........
  5. Hi, I am trying to set the values on y-axis on multiseries Line Fusion Chart, but chart takes values to be displayed on y-axis randomly according to the range of values provided. Suppose the range of values are from +18 to -27, now i want y-axis to be divided equally and show the values with euual difference, but i am not able to get it. Will you please suggest what should i do?
  6. How can we set y-axis values on multiseries Fusion Charts?

    Yes i am using numDivLines, it is dividing the chart canvas area equally. Suppose the value range is from +50 to -20 and i have set numDivLines to 3, then how the range which is 70(+50-(-20)) is equally divided in 4 parts?