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  1. Powerpoint Instructions

    Along the lines of being able to export charts from the website into documents, this is a must-have feature to export the chart into PPT via server side code. Any reason why this functionality is not built into FusionCharts. This should be the high on the list as a lot of my customers that I have demonstrated the fusioncharts have asked for this functionality and for lack of it they are looking at other options.
  2. Export to JPEG

    Another option would be to programattically generate a PDF file with an embedded Flash object. Something similar to: http://pdfill.com/index.html Building this functionality in FusionChart would be an awesome feature. A lot of clients want to save charts locally and this is currently a limiting factor in FusionCharts.
  3. SWF Generation

    Does FusionCharts store a copy of the generated SWF with the populated data, after it is rendered on the web page? If yes where is this stored? Is there an API to generate the chart with the dataset in the background and manipulate it by extracting the SWF as an image?
  4. Export to JPEG

    Why not use some library like this and embed into the chart with a right click option. The conversion will still need to happen at the application level http://www.bytescout.com/swftoimage.html