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  1. Zoom Chart In Ipad

    Hi Team, This is my second post regarding the zoom charts. Using v3.2.1 I have created a zoom chart it works as expected in desktop browser I can zoom in by click and drag but in iPAD it render the page but not able to zoom in.. I know it sounds silly but this is very priority requirement. Thanks in advance
  2. Zoom Chart Using Js

    Team, I am currently working on zoom charts usingjavascript as set current render . I am able to zoom in and out as per therequirement using FC version 3.2.1 but with 3.2.2 it is jus rendering the chartas like normal line chart but not letting me to select the point in chart orzoom. It is a priority issue. Attaching thesample html I am working on if you hook up 3.2.1 fc it works. zoom.html Please let me know if I am missing anythings. I would really appreciate if you can helpme with this.
  3. Change Data Up On Swipe

    Thanks a lot for your spontaneous response
  4. Change Data Up On Swipe

    Hi, First of all thanks a lot for your great product and help and support you are providing. My question is, I am thinking to do some thing like this. Lets say I have a column chart with sales data for current year. My idea is to change the current years sales data to previous years sales data up on swipe to right with finger on my ipad. So is it possible to change the data up on swiping on the charts. Sales Data for 10 Jan -10 Feb-20 Mar-25 Sales Data for 09 Jan-20 Feb-30 Mar-29 Thanks Pavan J