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  1. Gantt's connector option is not working

    thank you It's work. but I think document will update.
  2. please cheek xml and jpg file! ----------------------------------------------------------- My problem is last connector is not working. Except connector 1, all connecctor like same. I think last connector, should be start task's right side start and end task's right side end. As site writen -------------------------------------- FusionGadgets allows you select whether to connect the start or end of each task bar using fromTaskConnectStart, fromTaskConnectEnd, toTaskConnectStart and toTaskConnectEnd attributes for each element. For example, if you wanted to connect the ends of both bars, you could set: -------------------------------------- but I can't see 'fromTaskConnectEnd', 'toTaskConnectEnd' Gantt's XML sheet element. please tell me how I can uset this elements. good day NongSim1.xml