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  1. yAxisMinValue and yAxisMaxValue question

    worked great, thanks support!
  2. I'm setting the yAxisMinValue and yAxisMaxValue in this chart below. Everytime I do this I no longer see values on the y axis, if you take a look at this chart there are only 3 values. If I remove the yAxisMinValue and yAxisMaxValue then it shows values on the y axis evenly spaced. How can I set the yAxisMinValue and yAxisMaxValues but still show values on the y axis evenly spaced?
  3. Save Chart and Using Links in the Chart

    Hi, it's happening in IE7
  4. I'm using the functionality that lets you click on the chart and it will call a javascript function... This is working great. I just added the imageSave='1' imageSaveURL='Path/FusionChartsSave.aspx functionality to the chart. It works and saves the chart when I right click on the chart but if after I've saved the chart and left click on the chart to get the drill down functionality, I get a window that pops up in IE "Unspecified Error"... This only occurs if I've saved the chart. If I click on the chart to trigger the drill down functionality without saving, then it works perfect. Is this a bug? It works great in FF, only happens in IE. Thanks For Your Help!