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  1. Hello. When displaying multiple <dataset> components in a single Y-axis combination, is there a way to specify the order in which the plots are displayed? In general, the <dataset> that appears first in the chart XML is the first to be displayed in the chart's legend, as expected. Depending on the data being displayed and the type of plot being drawn, however, FusionCharts seems to changing the order of the plots in the chart itself. In most cases, these automatic changes do make the chart look better, but some of our users are insisting that their designated order be preserved. Is there a way to force FusionCharts to use a specified order? Thanks.
  2. Quick question: When using the standard JavaScript source for FusionCharts, one can call the dispose() method to remove a chart instance from memory. Is there a similar method when using the FusionCharts jQuery plug-in? It is not mentioned in your documentation. Thank you very much.
  3. When creating an Angular Gauge using FusionWidgets, the gauge itself seems to be aligned to the bottom of the Flash object. I've attached a screenshot of a widget configured with height="100%". The Debug Mode message denotes the top of the widget. Is there a way to change the alignment of the widget so that the gauge renders in the middle of the Flash object? I know this can be accomplished by decreasing the height of the parent container, but because our widgets need to support a full range of sizes, changing the alignment would be easiest. Thank you.
  4. I have a number of FusionWidgets, each of which is set to automatically resize with the parent (using the manageResize="1" attribute). When I resize a parent element, the widget will resize accordingly, but an alert box saying "Cancelled" will appear. This happens nowhere in our code, so it's safe to guess that it's coming from the charts themselves. Has anybody else run into this issue? What causes this alert to appear? Is there any way to disable it? Thank you very much.
  5. Funnel & Pyramid Charts

    Hello. We've been using the Funnel and Pyramid chart types in our application for some time. I noticed that the .SWF files we are using for these two chart types are a few versions behind (3.1.1). Trying to track down an updated version, I noticed that these two chart types are missing from the official FusionCharts XT documentation and download package. Are these two chart types no longer supported? If so, are there any plans to reintroduce them in the future? Thank you very much.