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  1. I've implemented the Fusion Chart Gantt. The only way available to print is not working very well - it's only printing part of the Gantt. Furthermore, the only printing option is to print it or print-to-file. This is due to the fact that this is the Flash version of Fusion Charts. I need an option to just copy the chart (the Gantt in my case) to a document. The use case is making a Word project plan and adding the Gantt to the document. How are other charts copied to a document or is this never done? The current Gantt is using Flash. On the website of Fusion Charts there is talk about an HTML variant. Would it be possible for me to implement this variant or is this simply not possible? The environment I'm working in has a wrapper available for the Flash variant, not for the HTML variant. In the end, I would need to have an interactive chart. If it was HTML, would I be able to use dojo to make it interactive? Or is there another way to get me to where I would like to be? Cheers. Toon
  2. Hi, I think I sorted it out. The processes in the xml were randomly ordered. I'm now in the process of controling the ordering. Thanks for the help. Toon
  3. Hi, I got the height issue out of the way - found out you CANNOT set the height of a row, but you do control the height of the total gantt chart. Thanks. Toon
  4. Hi, I'm using Fusion Chart Free via Mendix, a model driven development framework. I've been trying to set up a Gantt chart based on the tasks in my application. Things went well, except that the order in which categories and processes are shown I do not control. When I render the same information (tasks, dates etc.) a second or third time, I get completely different Gantt's. The order of the processes is not what I expect (and want) and the order in which the months are placed is completely wrong. And each time different. Does this sound familiar to anyone? What am I doing wrong? Thanks. Toon
  5. I'm building a Gantt and would like to use a small height per record/line. With a record/line I mean the whole information from left to right, data information and bars included. At the moment, there is a lot of vertical space between the texts in the left section. The same accounts for the bars - there is a lot of vertical space between the records/lines. I don't need this space as I don't want to put information on top of the bars. I can't find a way to control this. I've changed all kind of paddings, the only thing that changed was the placement of the bars in the right section.