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  1. seriesNameInToolTip broken in 3.1

    I've emailed Fusion Chart's support. Hopefully we'll get an answer soon.
  2. seriesNameInToolTip broken in 3.1

    The series name seems to have disappeared from my MS Spline chart and 2d Combo Line chart in Fusion Charts 3.1. At least the tooltips still work, seriesNameinToolTip is still "1" in my xml, and the series names haven't changed, but the tooltip lacks the series name. I really don't want to rollback to 3.0 just to fix this regression. Did some setting name change?
  3. It appears the 2d Dual Y Combo chart (and perhaps all line charts?) don't allow you to set the PYAxisMinValue so that it would exclude the lowest data point. That is: if my lowest data point is approximately -60 and I set PYAxisMinValue="-10", -60 will still be the Primary Y Axis Min Value. However, if I set PYAxisMinValue="-100", the chart will respect the setting and enlarge the limits to go to -100. Is there any way to force FusionCharts to honor my limits?
  4. Image Export POST Data Format Change in 3.1?

    I've found the problem. I was reading the "meta_bgcolor" parameter instead of the "meta_bgColor" parameter. Please please please please please document API changes like this. I hate having to look at the raw HTTP traffic and PHP files to reverse engineer my own code. Also, is there a reason the shadows aren't showing in the export? What about SVG export? I was really excited about 3.1, but so far instead of making my life better, its only made it worse.
  5. I'm using FusionCharts with a Python web framework, and so I wrote my own image export script which you can see here: That code worked fine in FusionCharts 3.0, but in 3.1 the colors are wrong. "works.png" attached is a manually taken screenshot while "broken.png" is what FusionCharts & my script produce. I was hoping to use client-side exporting, but it seems to take 2 steps for a user instead of 1. While it might be slightly easier for a developer, I need to implement the easiest solution for my users. Even if you don't know Python, the code from line 12 to the end should be fairly easy to read (the imstr object is just how I save the image to an in-memory "file" and return it to the browser on the last line). I'm using Adobe Flash for Linux in Firefox 3.0.7.
  6. I'd like to use showShadow on some datasets but not others when using a 2D Dual Y Combination chart. Is there some way to do this?
  7. The Bubble chart is working beautifully except for one major source of frustration: overlapping labels. Is there any way to offset labels when they overlap? Even an approximate algorithm would be far superior to the current situation where we have a jumble of text wherever sets have similar x,y values.
  8. Angular Gauges don't work if rendered first with ' in XML

    As far as I can tell, the Angular gauges in particular have a bug where you must not use ' for the initial rendering, but you must use it for subsequent renderings. This is a major bug for me because determining which escaping method to use adds a bunch of non-intuitive ugly code to my app. Any chance you can release a point release of FusionCharts that handles escaping in a consistent manner?
  9. Angular Gauges don't work if rendered first with ' in XML

    Will %26apos; work for both the first and subsequent renderings?
  10. If I pass angular gauges XML data via setDataXML containing "'" before calling render(), the chart will break and not work even when passed data not containing "'". If I pass data without "'", render it, and then setDataXML containing "'", it renders as expected.
  11. FusionCharts DTD

    A DTD would be very useful, especially since the "Invalid XML" error message FusionCharts reports gives no hints as to whats wrong with the XML. Many automated tools exist that would help people validate their xml, and I would guess it would mean less support requests. Not only that but many workplaces mandate code testing. I think a DTD would be a useful selling point for programming shops who are highly invested in code testing, continuous integration, agile development, etc.
  12. Handling setDataURL errors

    If a user's session times out then the URLs I pass to setDataURL() will return 403 HTTP error status codes. Is there some way to detect/handle this in FusionCharts? Access to the underlying XmlHttpRequest object would be ideal, but even just a simple boolean error flag on the chart object would at least give me something to work with! Otherwise I'm stuck having to use jQuery to grab the XML via AJAX and pass it to setDataXML(). I lose FusionCharts "Loading..." progress bar then as well.
  13. Problem with Cache

    This is a major bug in my humble opinion. Especially since this "feature" cannot be disabled in JavaScript. Please remove the code from the charts and add it to the FusionCharts.js: --- FusionCharts.js 2008-04-25 14:22:38.000000000 -0700 +++ FusionCharts.js-NEW 2008-04-25 14:22:35.000000000 -0700 @@ -125,6 +125,7 @@ return swfNode; }, setDataURL: function(strDataURL){ + strDataURL += '&FCTime='+(new Date()).getTime(); //This method sets the data URL for the chart. //If being set initially if (this.initialDataSet==false){ Please?