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  1. XML get from Dragnode after submit

    In the send email screen I did not find the attachment link, so I upload my two xml here, the chart2.xml is the original one, chart.xml is the one I got from submit. the node color and connectors are different moreover it misses links on node and the vTrendlines chart2.xml chart.xml
  2. hi, I am using Dragnode in the power chart 3. My xml on the page is: <chart caption="Retek Implementation Document Map" palette="2" xAxisMinValue="0" xAxisMaxValue="100" yAxisMinValue="0" yAxisMaxValue="100" is3D="1" showFormBtn="1" viewMode="1" allowDrag="0" enableLink="1" formBtnTitle="Save Changes" formAction="/PROJECT/diagram.php?xm=diagram" imageSave="0" imageSaveURL="/FusionCharts/ImageSaving/SaveCharts.php"> <categories /> - <dataset seriesName="DS1" showPlotBorder="0" color="AFD8F8"> <set value="" x="5" y="69" width="50" height="80" showBorder="0" alpha="0" name="BFQ" labelAlign="bottom" id="pc1" imageNode="1" imageurl="/image_uploads/doc_map/word_icon.gif" imageWidth="50" imageHeight="50" toolText="OLR Business Familiarisation Questionnaire Template" link="javascript:launch(%26apos;XXX%26apos;)" /> <set value="" x="20" y="69" width="50" height="80" name="Risk Log" labelAlign="bottom" alpha="0" imageNode="1" imageurl="/image_uploads/doc_map/excel_icon.gif" imageWidth="50" imageHeight="50" id="pc2" /> </dataset> - <connectors color="FF0000"> <connector from="pc1" to="pc2" strength="1" arrowAtStart="0" arrowAtEnd="0" /> </connectors> - <vTrendlines> <line startValue="0" endValue="10" color="CCCC00" alpha="5" displayValue="Planning" isTrendZone="1" /> <line startValue="10" endValue="50" color="FF0000" alpha="5" displayValue="Analysis" isTrendZone="1" /> <line startValue="50" endValue="80" color="00FF00" alpha="5" displayValue="Design" isTrendZone="1" /> <line startValue="80" endValue="100" color="0000FF" alpha="5" displayValue="Build" isTrendZone="1" /> </vTrendlines> </chart> However, after I click 'Submit', the XML I got was : <chart conStrength='1' arrowAtEnd='1' arrowAtStart='1' conDashed='0' conDashLen='5' conDashGap='5' conAlpha='100' conColor='FF0000' stdThickness='1' catVerticalLineDashGap='2' catVerticalLineDashLen='4' catVerticalLineDashed='0' catVerticalLineAlpha='45' catVerticalLineThickness='1' catVerticalLineColor='7B7D6D' catFontColor='60634E' catFontSize='10' catFont='Verdana' imageSaveDialogFontColor='666666' imageSaveDialogColor='E2E2E2' imageSaveURL='/FusionCharts/ImageSaving/SaveCharts.php' imageSave='0' yAxisValueDecimals='2' forceDecimals='0' decimals='2' inThousandSeparator='' inDecimalSeparator='' thousandSeparator=',' decimalSeparator='.' numberSuffix='' numberPrefix='' numberScaleValue='1000,1000' numberScaleUnit='K,M' defaultNumberScale='' formatNumberScale='1' formatNumber='1' negativeColor='ff0000' nodeScale='1' use3DLighting='1' plotBorderAlpha='95' plotBorderThickness='1' plotBorderColor='666666' showPlotBorder='1' plotFillAlpha='100' outCnvBaseFontColor='60634E' outCnvBaseFontSize='10' outCnvBaseFont='Verdana' baseFontColor='60634E' baseFontSize='10' baseFont='Verdana' toolTipSepChar=', ' toolTipBorderColor='545454' toolTipBgColor='FFFFFF' seriesNameInToolTip='1' showToolTip='1' alternateHGridAlpha='35' alternateHGridColor='D8DCC5' showAlternateHGridColor='1' zeroPlaneAlpha='45' zeroPlaneThickness='1' zeroPlaneColor='7B7D6D' showZeroPlane='1' divLineDashGap='2' divLineDashLen='4' divLineIsDashed='0' divLineAlpha='45' divLineThickness='1' divLineColor='7B7D6D' numDivLines='0' legendScrollBtnColor='545454' legendScrollBarColor='545454' legendScrollBgColor='CCCCCC' legendAllowDrag='0' legendShadow='1' legendBgAlpha='100' legendBgColor='ffffff' legendBorderAlpha='100' legendBorderThickness='1' legendBorderColor='545454' legendMarkerCircle='0' legendCaption='' legendPosition='BOTTOM' showLegend='0' canvasBorderAlpha='100' canvasBorderThickness='2' canvasBorderColor='545454' canvasBgAngle='0' canvasBgRatio='' canvasBgAlpha='100' canvasBgColor='FFFFFF' bgSWFAlpha='100' bgSWF='' borderAlpha='50' borderThickness='1' borderColor='545454' showBorder='1' bgAngle='270' bgRatio='0,100' bgAlpha='60,50' bgColor='CFD4BE,F3F5DD' btnTextColor='000000' btnPadding='5' formMethod='POST' formTarget='_self' formAction='/PROJECT/diagram.php?xm=diagram' formBtnBgColor='FFFFFF' formBtnBorderColor='CBCBCB' formBtnTitle='Save Changes' formBtnWidth='80' showFormBtn='1' enableLink='1' viewMode='1' clickURL='' yAxisNameWidth='undefined' rotateYAxisName='1' adjustDiv='1' yAxisValuesStep='1' showDivLineValues='0' showLimits='0' showYAxisValues='0' staggerLines='2' labelStep='1' slantLabels='0' rotateLabels='' labelDisplay='WRAP' showLabels='0' defaultAnimation='1' animation='1' xAxisMaxValue='100' xAxisMinValue='0' yAxisMaxValue='100' yAxisMinValue='0' setAdaptiveYMin='0' yAxisName='' xAxisName='' subCaption='' caption='Retek Implementation Document Map' chartBottomMargin='15' chartTopMargin='15' chartRightMargin='15' chartLeftMargin='15' legendPadding='6' labelPadding='3' yAxisValuesPadding='2' yAxisNamePadding='5' xAxisNamePadding='5' captionPadding='10' showFCMenuItem='1' palette='2' ><categories></categories><dataSet id='1' seriesName='DS1' ><set id='pc1' x='5' y='69' name='BFQ' height='80' width='50' shape='RECTANGLE' imageNode='1' imageURL='/image_uploads/doc_map/word_icon.gif' imageHeight='50' imageWidth='50' imageAlign='top' labelAlign='bottom' color='AFD8F8' /><set id='pc2' x='19.4845360824742' y='81.9106699751861' name='Risk Log' height='80' width='50' shape='RECTANGLE' imageNode='1' imageURL='/image_uploads/doc_map/excel_icon.gif' imageHeight='50' imageWidth='50' imageAlign='top' labelAlign='bottom' color='AFD8F8' /></dataSet><connectors stdThickness='1' ><connector from='pc1' to='pc2' color='FF0000' strength='1' alpha='100' label='' /></connectors></chart> So by using this XML, the drawing looks different. Is there anyway to make two diagram look the same?
  3. Thanks for your reply, but that xml you provided will stack four series together, but what I want is two for this year, for for last year, so two columns per stack rather than one column. Do I make scene? avail this avail last used this used last
  4. hi, thanks, I tried the ScrollStackedColumn2D chart, but it seems it can not display multi-series chart here is my xml, by using this xml, I got a chart with x and y and the scroll bar but no columns in the chart <chart caption='Test for ScrollStackedColumn2D ' subcaption='5-Nov-2008' xAxisName='Year' yAxisName='Sales' showYAxisValues='1' showValues='0' numberSuffix='%25' formatNumberScale='0' rotateValues='0' showSum='0' slantLabels='1' labelDisplay='ROTATE' numDivLines='9' numVisiblePlot='8' imageSave='1' imageSaveURL='gg.php' ><categories ><category label='/1' /><category label='/2' /><category label='/3' /><category label='/4' /><category label='/5' /><category label='/6' /><category label='/7' /><category label='/8' /><category label='/9' /><category label='/10' /><category label='/11' /><category label='/12' /></categories><dataset><dataset seriesName='%25Used at month begin' color='AFD8F8' ><set value='67.65' /><set value='43.32' /><set value='32.33' /><set value='56.87' /><set value='55.64' /><set value='56.66' /><set value='57.52' /><set value='63.80' /><set value='7.06' /><set value='3.98' /><set value='31.31' /><set value='0.00' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='%25Available at month begin' color='BCF60E' ><set value='32.35' /><set value='56.68' /><set value='67.67' /><set value='43.13' /><set value='44.36' /><set value='43.34' /><set value='42.48' /><set value='36.20' /><set value='92.94' /><set value='96.02' /><set value='68.69' /><set value='100.00' /></dataset></dataset><dataset><dataset seriesName='%25Used at month end' color='3FA2EE' ><set value='91.83' /><set value='53.79' /><set value='32.33' /><set value='56.87' /><set value='55.64' /><set value='56.66' /><set value='57.52' /><set value='63.80' /><set value='7.06' /><set value='3.98' /><set value='31.31' /><set value='0.00' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='%25Available at month end' color='48F60E' ><set value='8.17' /><set value='46.21' /><set value='67.67' /><set value='43.13' /><set value='44.36' /><set value='43.34' /><set value='42.48' /><set value='36.20' /><set value='92.94' /><set value='96.02' /><set value='68.69' /><set value='100.00' /></dataset></dataset></chart>
  5. Thanks, but I need the chart to be stacked and Multi-series, and have the scroll ability, is there any chart could do that?
  6. Hi, I am using Multi-series Stacked Column 2D chart V3 version. I have tried to add the numVisiblePlot in the <chart /chart> like <chart caption="XXX" subcaption="YYY" xAxisName="ZZZ" yAxisName="AAA" showYAxisValues="1" drawAnchors="1" showValues="0" numberSuffix="%25" formatNumberScale="0" rotateValues="0" showSum="0" slantLabels="1" labelDisplay="ROTATE" numDivLines="9" placeValuesInside="0" numVisiblePlot="8" imageSave="1" imageSaveURL="CC.php"> However, it does not work. So I am wondering if Multi-series Stacked Column 2D chart has scroll pane function or not. Thanks
  7. Is there an event or function for JavaScript or php to get the status of the flash when it finish rendering? I need to do some actions after it finish rendering. If use wait(), will have some downside, such as some charts may only half way through, while others has finished. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I think this is very useful, but can I know in detail how to use this? like where should I place those code?
  9. Invalid XML data

    Hi, thanks for the reply, I did a very simple thing and it is working now. You are right, it transfers %26apos; to ', so I manually update the ' back to %26apos before it render the chart and it is working. Maybe this sound stupid :crying: But anyway, thanks for your help
  10. Invalid XML data

    Thanks for your reply, but it still does not work. link='javascript:launchdailyreport('report.php','07-Apr-2008','XXX','YYY' );'
  11. Invalid XML data

    Thanks for the reply, I tried the different Parameter Delimiter, and get this result: <task label='Start:22:00 Finish:06:30' start='07/01/2008 22:00:00' end='07/02/2008 06:30:00' processId='07-Apr-2008' link='javascript:launchdailyreport('report.php','07-Apr-2008',' XXX','YYY')' /> here are the code for adding task for Gantt Chart # Setting Tasks Parameter into TaskParam variables function setGanttTasksParams($strParam){ $listArray=explode($this->del,$strParam); # Fetching all value and converting into xml attribute foreach ($listArray as $valueArray) { $paramValue=explode("=",$valueArray); if($this->validateParam($paramValue)==true){ $this->GT_Tasks_Param .= $paramValue[0] . "='" . $this->encodeSpecialChars($paramValue[1]) . "' "; } } } # Function addGanttTasks adding Tasks function addGanttTask($label="",$catParam=""){ $strCatXML=""; $strParam=""; # cheking catParam not blank if($catParam!=""){ $listArray=explode($this->del,$catParam); foreach ($listArray as $valueArray) { $paramValue=explode("=",$valueArray); if($this->validateParam($paramValue)==true){ # creating parameter set if(trim(strtolower($paramValue[0]))=="link"){ $strParam .= $paramValue[0] . "='" . urldecode($paramValue[1]) . "' "; }else{ $strParam .= $paramValue[0] . "='" . $this->encodeSpecialChars($paramValue[1]) . "' "; } } } } # adding label and parameter set to category $strCatXML ="<task label='" . $label . "' " . $strParam . " />"; # storing into GT_Tasks array $this->GT_Tasks[$this->GT_Tasks_Counter]=$strCatXML; # Increase Counter $this->GT_Tasks_Counter++; } and the code to get the task xml # Function getProcessesXML for getting Processes part XML function getTasksXML(){ $partXML=""; # adding processes parameter $partXML="<tasks " . $this->GT_Tasks_Param . " >"; foreach($this->GT_Tasks as $part_type => $part_name){ if($part_name!=""){ # adding elements $partXML .= $part_name; } } # Closing <tasks> $partXML .="</tasks>"; return $partXML; } Thanks.
  12. Invalid XML data

    I am using the FusionCharts_Gen.php which is in the free version FusionChartsFreeCodePHPClassIncludes to generate the xml, I modified a bit to fit the version 3, like change the swf file name without "FCF_", changed the to , and changed the "name" to "label". In order to get the %26apos; I changed the Parameter Delimiter to be ";;" instead of the default ";". but seems it cannot work with the %26apos; Thanks
  13. Invalid XML data

    Hi, I am using the Gantt.swf in FusionWidget V3 Eva version, and I am creating a Gantt chart with 8 tasks. I need to add the link against the task, which means, when you click the task, it should run a javascript which needs to pass three php variables. Before I put the link on, the chart works fine. But, when I put the link, I got the error. when I put this in code: link='javascript:launchdailyreport('report.php','".$daily_report[$i]["date"]."','".$daily_report[$i]["code"]."','".$daily_report[$i]["en"]."')' I can see the xml in the page source when I render the page in IE <task label='Start:22:00 Finish:06:16 Duration:8 hours 16 minutes' start='07/01/2008 22:00:00' end='07/02/2008 06:16:00' processId='13-Apr-2008' link='javascript:launchreport('report.php','13-Apr-2008','XXX','YYY')' /> and on the page, it shows "Invalid XML data" and when I change all the single quote (') to %26apos; it is like link='javascript:launchdailyreport(%26apos; report.php %26apos; , %26apos; ".$daily_report[$i]["date"]." %26apos; , %26apos; ".$daily_report[$i]["code"]."%26apos; , %26apos; ".$daily_report[$i]["en"]." %26apos; )' I can see the the xml in the page source when I render the page in IE <task label='Start:22:00 Finish:06:16 Duration:8 hours 16minutes' start='07/01/2008 22:00:00' end='07/02/2008 06:16:00' processId='13-Apr-2008' link='javascript:launchreport('' /> and of course it is "Invalid XML data" error. I dont know how to fix it. Hope you could understand my situation. Thanks in advance.