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  1. check for flash 8

    There is a need to update the Fusioncharts Javascript class (the one derived from SWFobject) to test for Flash 8 when using fusioncharts 3. Is there a newer version that does this, to prevent a blank area, or has anyone patched the infosoftglobal.FusionCharts class to deal with this issue ?
  2. setDataXML not working IE 6 and 7

    that workaround, using a second form tag may work, as i'm building the html by hand and can manually insert another form tag. Would that work ? I can make that happen as the inner form tag is geing generated in a string at run time. If so let me know the technique.
  3. setDataXML not working IE 6 and 7

    In the documentation there is a statement that says: "You must manually get a reference to the chart". What exactly do I need a reference for, as I am generating the javascritp server side I should be bale to do something.
  4. setDataXML not working IE 6 and 7

    that's not going to be possible for me as I'm using a master page which has to have a form tag in it, and all ASP.NET controls need to be inside a form tag. Do you mean to tell me that we can't update via javascript in a form tag at all ? There is NO workaround ? That makes it impossible to use for most normal ASP.NET pages. There must be a way to get to the chart object within a form, no ?
  5. setDataXML not working IE 6 and 7

    yes it's in the middle of an page so i really have no choice. I thought that getting a reference to the object itself could be enough, so I modified the fusioncharts c# helper to do this... builder.AppendFormat("chart_{0} = new FusionCharts("{1} instead of builder.AppendFormat("var chart_{0} = new FusionCharts("{1} so that chart_{0} would be a global variable and I could reference it later directly, which I'm able to do. In a javascript console chart_RBChart returns an OBJECT so I know I'm getting a correct reference but chart_RBChart.setDataXML(XMLData) still returns an error in IE6 and IE&, but FireFox is OK. n.
  6. i've got a chart that needs to get update with some predetermined strings in an array: chartdata[0]="etc" It's similar to: when I click the link to update the chart I get am: "Object doesn't support this porperty or method". note that I am no longer relying on any getElementByID and am indeed referencing the chart object itself, in my case called RBChart: Everything works fine in FireFox bit IE breaks. Now this is in an ASP.NET site and the element is closed within form tags, I don't know if that's what's killing it. This is the line that it's breaking on; }else{ //Else, we update the chart data using External Interface //Get reference to chart object var chartObj = infosoftglobal.FusionChartsUtil.getChartObject(this.getAttribute('id')); chartObj.setDataXML(strDataXML); } chartObj is an OBJECT, not an EMBED. Can anyone help ?