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  1. Background Color

    Hello, What are the default values of the background colors/variables for the zoomline chart? The ones that are in there by default happen to work well with our scheme, but its not a default across the board (for example, on the column/pie charts) and I'd like to set others to match its scheme. Thank You!
  2. Hello, Thanks for your support on my previous issue. A new one has arisen! The render_chart method does not work for me when I try to use percent chart width and height. Ex: <div id=superTestChart>Super Test Chart will load here!</div> <% str_xml = render :file=>"overallstats/sampledata" %> <% render_chart '/Fusioncharts/MSLine.swf', '', str_xml, 'sampleChartSuper', '100%', '50%', 'superTestChart', false, false %> produces something like: <!-- START Script Block for Chart sampleChartSuper --> <script type='text/javascript'> var chart_sampleChartSuper=new FusionCharts({"swfUrl":"/Fusioncharts/MSLine.swf","id":"sampleChartSuper","width":"100%","height":"50%","debugMode":"0","registerWithJS":"0","dataSource":"LOTS OF XML HERE, SNIPPED FOR BREVITY","dataFormat":"xml","detectFlashVersion":"0","autoInstallRedirect":"0","renderAt":"superTestChart"}).render(); </script> <!-- END Script Block for Chart sampleChartSuper --> This will not load any data. Any suggestions?
  3. Issue With Examples

    Figured it out, was a Rails issue. It was ignoring the public folder for some reason. Server reboot and forcing the boot process to load the public folder once worked. Thanks for the help!
  4. Issue With Examples

    To add to this, I think the problem might be more fundamental. I'm looking in the SampleApp/lib and I don't see a .rb for the Fusioncharts module. I have a folder labeled fusioncharts that has fc_parameters.rb in it and an exporter folder, but I can't find the actual module for Fusioncharts.
  5. Hello All, I am having some issues with getting the basic examples up and running. I keep getting the following error: NameError in Basic_example#simple_chart Showing ~/app/views/basic_example/simple_chart.html.erb where line #5 raised: uninitialized constant FusionChartsHelper::Fusioncharts app/helpers/fusion_charts_helper.rb:86:in `render_chart' line 86 is: fcParams =Fusioncharts::FcParameters.new(chart_swf,chart_id,chart_width,chart_height,debug_mode_num,register_with_js_num,data_source,data_format,w_mode,color,scale_mode,lang,detect_flash_version,auto_install_redirect,renderer,render_at) I believe the issue is that I do not have a model for the object, but I'm not sure how the model should be defined since there isn't an example of it in the documentation or in the Sample App. Any and all help would be appreciated