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  1. Can't Display Some Widget

    Hi, Angshu. I find what I wrong. I using same ID name in DIV and Chart's Object. so I change that ID's. then it's working well. sorry for my stupid. anyway thanks your help. have good day!
  2. Can't Display Some Widget

    Thanks for rapidly response. here is a code with XML data about HBullet Widget. This code from FusionWidget's sample code. (you can see the XML data from my sample page with 'View Source...' in browser context menu. The XML Datas are not from Database. just i wrote in source code.) thank you <div id="myChart1" align="center"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> var myChart = new FusionCharts("FusionCharts/HBullet.swf", "myChart1", "300", "60", "0", "0"); myChart.setDataXML("<chart palette='1' lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='2000' canvasLeftMargin='120' caption='New Customers' subcaption='Count' showBorder='1' majorTMNumber='3' bgColor='F1F1F1' borderColor='F1F1F1' bgAlpha='100' borderAlpha='100' canvasLeftMargin='120'><colorRange><color minValue='0' maxValue='1200' /><color minValue='1200' maxValue='1800' /><color minValue='1800' maxValue='2000' /></colorRange><value>1700</value><target>1900</target></chart>"); myChart.render("myChart1"); </script>
  3. Can't Display Some Widget

    Hi, Angshu. Thanks for response. here is a url you'll see a alert window about window will close. then select 'NO' then you can see the page. (left-bottom side is HBullet Widget's area in screenshot)
  4. I using a registed version of FusionCharts (Website lisence) and now I try to using FusionWidget, so I was downloaded a trial version and test it. I make some code for sample and I included the 'FusionCharts.js' file from FusionCharts there're will displaying 2 Charts and 2 Widget. (Pie3D, MSColumn3DLineDY charts and HBullet, AngularGauge Widget) when finished the sample code then 2 charts and AgularGauge widget was displayed well, but HBullet widget was not. so, I changed the 'FusionCharts.js' file to that from FusionWidget. (FusionCharts's file size are about 113KB, but FusionWidget's are only 14KB) then, 2 charts is not displayed, just 2 widget is displayed. if I including both file, then just later included file are working. how can I using FusionCharts and FusionWidget at same time and same page? please help me. (I not english user so sorry about my poor english)