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  1. Fusion Chart

    Hi Thanks for your reply. Now it is working fine. and i have one more doubt. only "+" sign has to be replaced with "%2B" or if any other signs r there to be replaced like the same. May i know the reason. Regards Rekha
  2. Fusion Chart

    Hi I am using fusion chart version 3.2.1and in that i am using stacked barchart. The category label value contains '+' operator in it for eg: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable. But while displaying in chart i am not getting '+" in it. ie., i am getting Microsoft Visual C 2008 Redistributable. Did i have made any mistake or the operators r not accepted. please let me know. The xml data is : xmlData ==> <Chart canvasBorderAlpha='30' showValues='1' showShadow='0' showBorder='0' yAxisName='Number of systems' canvasBorderColor='000000' canvasBgAlpha='60' showToolTip='1' maxBarHeight='40' yAxisMaxValue='5' canvasBorderThickness='1' bgcolor='FFFFFF' canvasBgColor='F2F2F2' alpha='0' ><categories><category label='Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - x86 9.0.21022' /></categories><dataset seriesName ='' ><set value='1' color='8B008B' /></dataset><styles><definition><style type='font' name='myDataFont' type='font' size='10' color ='FFFFFF' bold='1'/></definition><application><apply toObject='DataValues' styles='myDataFont' styles='myDataFont' /></application></styles></Chart> Thanks in advance! Regards Rekha
  3. Legends In Pie Charts

    Hi Angshu Thank u very much . The code is working fine. I am getting chart and legend now. And one more doubt is it possible to give links above the legend? That is, is it possible to drilldown on the link which takes me to some other page. Please suggest!
  4. Legends In Pie Charts

    Hi Angshu Thanks for ur reply! I copied ur code and pasted it doesnt work. it is just showing legend 1 and legend 2 as a smartlabel for chart alone. legend is still not coming. I wantedly not shown the labels.
  5. Legends In Pie Charts

    Hi srividya Thanks for ur reply! I am sending the output of the xmlstring for ur kind notice. please view it. xmlString ==> <Chart showLegend='1' showPercentValues='0' enablesmartLabels='0' bgcolor='FFFFFF' showBorder='0' showToolTip='0' pieRadius='90' legendPosition='RIGHT' ><set value='1' color='ABDDA4' /><set value='1' color='386CB0' /><styles><definition><style type='font' name='myLegendFont' type='font' size='11' color ='FFFFFF' bold='1'/></definition><application><apply toObject='Legend' styles='myLegendFont' /></application></styles></Chart> Awaiting for your reply.
  6. Legends In Pie Charts

    sure i will send it first i am sending jsp side code for xml data HashMap mapChartAttributes = new HashMap();//map for chart attributes mapChartAttributes.put("bgcolor","FFFFFF"); mapChartAttributes.put("enablesmartLabels","0"); mapChartAttributes.put("showToolTip","0"); mapChartAttributes.put("showPercentValues","0"); mapChartAttributes.put("palette","2"); mapChartAttributes.put("pieRadius","90"); mapChartAttributes.put("showLegend","1"); mapChartAttributes.put("legendPosition","RIGHT"); HashMap mapChartData = new HashMap();//map for chart data mapChartData.put("pieLabels",countName); mapChartData.put("pieValues",countValue); mapChartData.put("pieColors",colorValue); HashMap mapProperties = new HashMap();//map for misc properties mapProperties.put("showLabels","false"); mapProperties.put("showColors","true"); mapProperties.put("enableLinks","false"); EcFusionChartBean chartbean = new EcFusionChartBean(); String xmlString = chartbean.getXMLDataForPieChart(mapChartAttributes,mapChartData,mapProperties); i am passing this xmlstring into my code and java code is public String getXMLDataForPieChart(Map chartAttributes,Map chartData,Map miscProperties) throws UnsupportedEncodingException { ArrayList aListColors = new ArrayList(); ArrayList aListLinks = new ArrayList(); int colCount = 0; String pieLabels = (String)chartData.get("pieLabels"); String pieValues = (String)chartData.get("pieValues"); String pieColors = (String)chartData.get("pieColors"); String pieLinks = (String)chartData.get("pieLinks"); Iterator itrchart = chartAttributes.keySet().iterator(); String xmlData = "<Chart "; while (itrchart.hasNext()) { String chartAttribute = (String)itrchart.next(); String chartAttributeValue = (String)chartAttributes.get(chartAttribute); xmlData += chartAttribute + "=" + "'" + chartAttributeValue + "' "; } xmlData += ">"; if (pieColors!= null) { StringTokenizer strColors = new StringTokenizer(pieColors,","); while (strColors.hasMoreTokens()) { String chartColor = strColors.nextToken(); chartColor = chartColor.substring(chartColor.indexOf("#")+1); aListColors.add(chartColor); } } if (pieLinks != null) { StringTokenizer strLinks = new StringTokenizer(pieLinks,","); while (strLinks.hasMoreTokens()) { String chartLink = strLinks.nextToken(); aListLinks.add(chartLink); } } String showLabels = null; String showColors = null; String enableLinks = null; if (miscProperties != null && !miscProperties.isEmpty()) { showLabels = (String)miscProperties.get("showLabels"); showColors = (String)miscProperties.get("showColors"); enableLinks = (String)miscProperties.get("enableLinks"); } StringTokenizer strValues = new StringTokenizer(pieValues,","); StringTokenizer strLabels = new StringTokenizer(pieLabels,","); while (strValues.hasMoreTokens()) { String chartValue = strValues.nextToken(); String chartLabel = strLabels.nextToken(); xmlData += "<set value='" + chartValue + "' "; if (showLabels != null && showLabels.equalsIgnoreCase("true")) { xmlData += " label='" + chartLabel + "'"; } if (showColors != null && showColors.equalsIgnoreCase("true")) { xmlData += " color='" + aListColors.get(colCount) + "'"; } if (enableLinks != null && enableLinks.equalsIgnoreCase("true")) { xmlData += " link='" + EgURLEncoder.encode((String)aListLinks.get(colCount),"UTF-8") + "'"; } xmlData += " />"; colCount++; } xmlData +="<styles>"+"<definition>"+"<style name='myLegendFont' type='font' size='11' color ='FFFFFF' bold='1'/>"+"</definition>"+"<application>"+"<apply toObject='Legend' styles='myLegendFont' />"+"</application>"+"</styles>"; xmlData += "</Chart>"; return xmlData; } waiting for ur reply!
  7. Legends In Pie Charts

    Hi Thanks for ur Reply. No i am not using any javascript fallback. i am preparing my xml data from a seperate java file and convert it as a string in jsp then pass it to the object.
  8. Legends In Pie Charts

    Hi Thanks for ur Reply. No i am not using any javascript fallback. i am preparing my xml data from a seperate java file and convert it as a string in jsp then pass it to the object. Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! First of all, we would like to thank you for showing interest in FusionCharts. Could you please confirm whether you are using JavaScript fallback? Awaiting for your response.
  9. Legends In Pie Charts

    Hi I am working with Fusion charts 3.2.1. i am using single series pie charts 2D/3D and i want to display legends at the right side of my jsp page. I have given showLegend ="1",legendPosition ="RIGHT" and styles also included. but still i am not getting legends on my page. Is there anything more i have to include. please suggest. Thanks in advance!