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  1. Hi, Thank you for the reply. I've attached for you the HTML, the scatter.swf file as well as the Data.xml . For the html to work. You will need to change the path of where the scatter.swf is. Thank you for your time. blah.html Data.xml
  2. Hi, I was wondering if you could test this problem under a 64 bit environment. This issue only seems to occur on our 64 bit windows 7 machines.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply, We did some more testing and we managed to get it working on a 32-bit processor on windows 2003. We were wondering if you tested it on a 64 bit machine. (Note) we did trying running x86 browsers on the 64 bit environment but the result was the same. Thank you for you time
  4. Hey, Thanks for the advice, I tried it but same result =(. whats stranger is that it only seems to be happening for scatter charts.
  5. Sorry, One more thing, The fusion chart version is 3.2.1 thanks again
  6. Hi Angshu, Thank you for your reply. I attached a screen shot of the a simple scatter chart. When I hover my mouse over it. It doesn't seem to register as a clickable link. The version of firefox that works is 4.0.1 ( have not checked the other versions though) IE8 and chrome doesn't seem to work. We also did a bit more testing on another machine and noticed that none of the browsers worked, regardless of version. We suspect that it might be a flash issue. We are running on windows 7 64 bit machines. The flash version that none of the browsers worked for is Adobe flash 10. Hope this helps If you need anymore information, please let me know, Thank you New Bitmap Image.bmp
  7. Hi, I actually have a strange issue where I create a scatter chart with a link on the data value and when i try to press on the value, it doesn't jump to the link. the browser doesn't seem to be aware that the value on the scatter chart is a link(the cursor didn't' change to the finger image) I thought maybe I had created the link wrong, but i found out that it works on some browsers. It works on Firefox, Opera, Safari but not on Chrome or IE. ( I also compared the source on the page , there wasn't anything different between them) Has anyone ever encountered this? if so, does anyone have a good work around or a solution for it? Thanks in advance, chrono