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  1. Hide plot in Line graph

    Oups, sorry, I made a little error, this solution is working, thanks a lot ! Lo
  2. Hide plot in Line graph

    Hi, thank you for you hint. I tried but it changed nothing. I tried both as graph and dataset property. Lo
  3. setting width of a plot?

    Hi, But is it possible to set a fix width ? Thank you, Lo
  4. plot date values

    Hi, Ihave the same need I think, and with PHP, you can display dates in the format you want and choose to alternate the showing. In my case I have to graph plots on a period of 6 hours. I put a category per minute, and display every 30 min on the x-axis. Lo
  5. Hello, I started using your tool, 2 days ago, I am stunned how it is complete ! I am using Multiseries Line 2D, and a lot of categories, thus a lot of point per line. I would like to hide the plot on lines, because it makes the line to thick(see snapshot) . Is it possible ? I searched on forums and FAQ, and also played with lineThickness, or showNames, showValue but I can get the plot disapear. Thanks for your help ! Lo