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  1. The answer is apparently "NO"... But I DO have a NEW question.... What does it take for a paying customer to get a simple answer to a simple question on these forums? Is there another forum where people that bought licenses get can more direct responses?
  2. Hi, We just purchased a license and I'm already successfully using feedData method with AngularGauge, but get an error when using SparkColumn.swf with the feeddata method. JavaScript TypeError exception: chart.feedData is not a function.......... even though I have specified &registerWithJS=1 like I do for AngularGauge Mark
  3. refresh option on angular gauge

    Yes, I would love to see the jsp example in the documentation "fixed" so that it actually works and reflects the exact syntax represented here that DOES work.
  4. set dataStreamURL via javascript

    Might I suggest that an API for setting the dataStreamURL be published and supported? Supporting this important feature only thru XML is a big limitation.