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  1. I totally agree this has been going on long enough. Out of our 8 charts on our dashboard only 1 is transparent yet in Firefox my PC just locked up and crashed. It seems people have found a solution by adjusting frame rate. I really think this should be a priority for Fusion Charts. Crashing clients computers is not a good thing...
  2. saving images

    You can use dataURL with this. I just specified the path on the server in the dataURL variable so: SWFToImage.InputSWFFileName = "http://www.X.com/swftoimg/pie3d.swf?dataURL=c:inetpubwwwrootswftoimgdata.xml"
  3. saving images

    Hi Thanks I got this working after your help. Turning animation of is key. Also if anyone else is trying this and you run the Franescount and it is -1 it means you probably have a problem with the path to the swf. Now the main problem is getting dataURL to work as dataxml wont work for most of my charts due to the length of the xml file not fitting in the querystring.... I've tried using a local file, remote file etc but no luck Any ideas?
  4. saving images

    I just found out you cannot use swf to image with XML data unless you purchase the commercial version which is 100 dollars. I think I might go for it anyway
  5. saving images

    At present I am stuck. I have made a copy of the xml file and put it and the swf file with the swftoimg dll just like the example. However when I try and generate the image it is always blank. I have tried capturing upto 5 frames and still they are all blank. Just a white image! Any ideas?
  6. saving images

    Thanks I will try it. My problem is I am requesting the swf remotely and the xml file remotely as I have to due to the windows limitation, and I cant specify a remote url in the field. I might have to request the remote xml file write it to the server pass it to swftoimage locally etc. Its quite a long process really to achieve something that needs to be core functionality....
  7. saving images

    Hi Christian, Thanks for the advice I am giving this a go. I am currently stuck on 3. call the swfToImg library in php with win32std extension and give the xml chart data to it Basically my problem is I want the pdf to be served from a linux server. I do have a windows server but its a few thousand miles away. So I have installed SWF to image which works from asp on the windows machine. So in ASP on the windows server I am trying to load up my swf file from my linux server which seems to work. I then load the xml remotely into asp however I am stuck on passing the xml to the swf file. Swftoimage seems to want it passed in the querystring with the swf object like this: strUrl ="http://www.X.com/fusiongadgets/Pie3D.swf?dataXML=" & MYXML &"" url = Server.URLencode(strUrl) response.write url Set SWFToImage = CreateObject("SWFToImage.SWFToImageObject") SWFToImage.InputSWFFileName = url Firstly is dataXML the right variable to use and second we are limited in the querystring by the number of characters so this method won't work on large XML data. Is there any way you know to overcome these problems? Thanks Leon
  8. This also happens in Safari for windows so I assume Mac aswell. It totally locks up my computer when I use over 5 charts on a page. This is completely unacceptable as is the lack of updates on solutions for this. If this continues I will have to look for alternatives. Please update this thread with work arounds or a fix.
  9. Is there a fix or a workaround for this yet I am having the same problem with 6 charts on the page in firefox?