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  1. Hi Angshu ! Yes it works fine Thanks a lot. Best Regards, -channa
  2. When my line chart, max value of Y axis getting smaller value, scale of the Y axis getting same values repeat, I have attached print screen of that chat and my chart xml is as follow, <graph caption='Nonconformance Reporting Summary' subcaption='For 08/10/2011 to 08/10/2011' xAxisName='Date' yAxisName='Nonconformance' decimalPrecision='0' formatNumberScale='0' showNames='1' showValues='0' showAlternateHGridColor='1' AlternateHGridColor='ff5904' divLineColor='ff5904' divLineAlpha='20' alternateHGridAlpha='5' rotateNames='1'> <set name='08/10/2011' value='2' hoverText='08/10/2011'/> </graph> Can you please specify some solution for this. Thanks & Best Regards , -channa
  3. Fusioncharts With Jsf 2.0

    Hi Srividya ! Once I put that jQuery (FusionChartsFree-jQuery-1.0.0b2) inside my .xhtml page it show some syntax error (I have attached sample with this) , but those jQueries work fine with .html pages. Can you please give me some feed back If you have any idea about this. Thanks & Best Regards -channa
  4. Fusioncharts With Jsf 2.0

    Hi Srividya ! Many thanks for your reply. Is there any alternative way to me do integrate fusioncharts jsf 2.0 ? I mean I have try with jQuery (FusionChartsFree-jQuery-1.0.0b2) but those scripts are not compatibility with .xhtml extension, currently biggest problem I have faced integrate fusioncharts with .xhtml files , if you have any idea please help me. Thanks & Best Regards -channa
  5. Hi ! Can you please explain how to use Fusioncharts With Jsf 2.0 (with .xhtml extension). I have posted this question in forum's JSP selection too, but yet I didn't got any happy reply, so sorry about posting this gain Thanks & Best Regards -channa
  6. Fusioncharts With Jsf 2.0

    Hi Angshu ! Many thanks for your reply. But it seems those samples done with jsf 1.2, but I want to know how to integrate fusioncharts with jsf 2.0 (with .xhtml files) Thanks & Best Regards, -channa
  7. Hi ! Can you please explain how to use FusionCharts with JSF 2.0, I am using file extension as "sample.xhtml" it seems that script file called "FusionCharts.js" not compatible with that extension. If you have some sample application that done with .xhtml can you please upload that. Thanks a lot, -channa