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  1. Hi Sashibhusan, Thanks for your suggestion!
  2. Hi, Can I say this FC_Exported(objRtn) is only for every individual chart? That's mean if I have 20 charts call back, it will prompt 20 times to inform me every chart successfully saved on server. Is there any event handler that can tell me all my charts are successfully saved so that I can proceed/redirect to other page (to generate PDF and include the chart image and so on)? Appreciate your kind advise.
  3. Dear Srividya Sharma, I am using FusionCharts v3.1, when compile it gave me unsupported class version error, only then I found out I am using JDK1.3.1_02. Do you have exporter JAR for this JDK1.3.1_02? I can't switch to higher JDK because have to follow the production server JDK version.