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  1. swf. files

    Sorry didn't get your question - but is it pertinent to FusionCharts?
  2. Trendzone doesn't display correctly

    Hi Todd, Can you please send us your complete XML to support @, along with the name of SWF file that you're using?
  3. Hi, The issue here is that FusionCharts doesn't accept absolute data URLs (to block XSS). As such, place the SWF and XML file in the same domain as your wordpress installation.
  4. You can add scroll to the chart as explained at
  5. Transparency

    In the JS code that you're using to embed the chart, use: myChart.setTransparent(true);
  6. Need some clarification on graph.

    You cannot do these, as these are not natively supported, and we've used many tweaks to get this.
  7. Please update your FusionCharts version to latest version from and then try again.
  8. MSColumn3DLineDY.swf

    It's not present in User license, but Developer license upwards.
  9. Hi, The tool-tip appears only when the mouse is rolled over a data point. If you need a permanent comment, we're soon releasing v3.1, which allows you to show arbitrary text values over a data point.
  10. Can you please send a screenshot example?
  11. Contour Plot using Scatter (XY Plot) Chart?

    Yes - you can set [set anchorBorderColor='' anchorBgColor='' anchorRadius=''...]
  12. We're coming up with FusionCharts v3.1 in a week's time which will allow you to do so.
  13. Add anchors (or marker points)

    If you use the scatter chart, you can still connect the dots as lines by setting: [dataset drawLine='1' ..]
  14. clock using AngularGauge

    You'll need to use real-time streaming capabilities of the chart to do so. Or, even client JS update API would do.
  15. editing gantt chart

    I'm afraid that Gantt chart always needs a date.
  16. Source code for PoP

    Hi Ullas, You may directly look at the source code from the live URL.
  17. Using FusionCharts with web services

    No - not this. Essentially everything will be on your server. Just that there will be another file which connects to the remote webservice and provides data to FusionCharts locally. So, the scenario would look as under: - On your server, you now have a file called Relayer.php (or aspx or ...).This file connects to the remote webservice, gets the data and builds XML. - FusionCharts will access this file for data, instead of directly accessing remote web service.
  18. Fusion Chart for FLEX

    Yes - the bubble chart will be feature in v1 commercial release.
  19. XML get from Dragnode after submit

    The links and vTrendlines are not returned - only the node and connector information is returned.
  20. Enable Links by default

    Sorry, the attribute is enableLink='1' (singular)
  21. Hi, This is a part of our smart labelling feature, wherein if there are overlapping labels in a quadrant,we hide the ones with least values. When you change the starting angle, since few of those labels then fall in a different quadrant (with more space), we show them again.
  22. Logarithmic Scale vs. Arithmetic Scale

    Hi Jordan, You'll have to change the algorithm in axis calculation code (either in or
  23. Tooltip/Data point/Vline issue

    Hi Derek, We're looking into this and would release a fix soon. I'll post you an update.
  24. zoom in and zoom out in FusionMaps

    Hi David, Both of them are in our v4 roadmap - to be released later this year.