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  1. Can any body respond to my request please... I need to know whether this is possible or not.. Actual post in the below location: Home
  2. Hi, I guess we USA can be classified into regions based on different theories. But one of the most important theory is USA Census which is very widely used in research industries. Can we generate such a USA regions chart... Below is the example image
  3. Hi, i created a US map using fusionmaps v3. the problem is I do not have data i want to display for all states, so its displaying values for all the states that have corresponding values which is good, but states with no values its blank and using some light yellow color. 1. Can i use my own custom color for all those states for which i do not have values? 2. Can i display a custom message for all those states for which i do not have values (message like n/a or no data etc..)