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  1. Hi , where should I create the button ? In the drag-node chart or somewhere else ? Besides , the data of DragNode chart is delivered to the server side when the submit button is clicked ,how I can save the data in Javascript variable ?
  2. Hi, I have solved my problem . Here I encounter another one : I create an empty drag-node chart ,then I create nodes in it . But I want to save the data of the chart to a Javascript variable when I click the "submit" button ,how I can make it ? Thank you
  3. Hi , I'm using the PowerCharts . I want to define the options of context menu using Chinese ,how I can make it ? Any help will be appreciated .
  4. Hi, I'm using Powerchart ,and I want to get the data after I draw it . However I use the Struts2 and Java as my sever language , they need the name of data of PowerCharts delivered from the client side to match the name of the attribute of the object that is defined in the Java file ,then the sever side can handle the data . So I must define the name of data of PowerCharts that I draw ,but I don't know how to define it .Please help me as soon as possible . Thanks a lot !
  5. Hi I am using Drag-node Chart , is there any way that I can define my javascript method when I click the "submit" button ; I just want to get the data of the chart when click the "submit" button .Any help will be appreciated .
  6. hello! I am using the Dragnode of PowerCharts . However ,I encounter a problem that I can't get the data from the chart I create neither in XML or Json method . I just create a DragNode and there is no data in it , then I create the model that I want .And I hope the data can be delivered to a variable, but when I check the variable , there is nothing in data.Here is my code: function createChart(){ if(dojo.byId("createModel").innerHTML=="start"){ var chart =new FusionCharts( "${basePath}charts/DragNode.swf", "dragChart", "900", "500", "0", "1" ); chart.setXMLUrl("${basePath}charts/DragNode1.xml"); chart.render("chartarea"); dijit.byId("modelcreation").show(); var data = FusionCharts("dragChart").getXMLData();//why data doesn't contain the item that I create }