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  1. Label With A Link

    Hello I attached an example xml which produces the problem, it is not the actual xml I am using. The problem appears on the label with the name ___________________Long label____________________ I am using a MSBar3D chart and the height and width are both 500. /Jonathan ExampleXML.xml
  2. Label With A Link

    Hello again! I have encountered a new problem related to links in labels. The problem appears when i have long labels, and the fusioncharts trims the label and inserts three dots (Long Labe...) . It seems that fusioncharts wont translate the html tags when this happens. So if i have a label looking like this: '<a href=''> Jan </a>' it will display the text Jan in the chart and be a link to But when the label is long and the chart starts to display ellipses it will still display the correct label but it is not a link anymore and when the toolText displays '<a href=''> Jan </a>'. I tried to set the flag useEllipsesWhenOverflow to 0 but it wont solve the problem. Are the isHtml style not compatible with any type of "label overflow"? Or am I doing something wrong? /Jonathan
  3. Label With A Link

    Hello! Thank you for you help, it works now. I didn't realise that the style would affect how fusionchart handled html code in texts. /Jonathan
  4. Label With A Link

    Hello It was my intetion to provide an encoded link in my first post but i guess something went wrong so i will do it now instead. The chart renders when i use this in the XML code: <category label='< ;a href=' ;' ;> ; Jan < ;/a> ;'/> But the label dont become a link instead it just displays the whole text as following on the chart: <a href=''> Jan </a> On a sidenote: Are you sure that I need styles to make it work? I still dont have the styles tags and it renders now. /Jonathan
  5. Label With A Link

    Hello The example i was talking about in my first post was exactly the same as you gave me now, and it wont work. I am probably doing something wrong. /Jonathan
  6. Label With A Link

    Hello! I have created a MSBar3D chart and it works fine as it is, but i would to make the labeltext a simple link. I researched some and found an example which looked like this: <category label="<a href=''> Jan </a>" /> but when i try the same i get the error invalid data. This is the xml i am using: <chart caption='Business Results: 2005' yAxisName='Revenue (Millions)' canvasBgColor='FEFEFE' canvasBaseColor='FEFEFE' toolTipBgColor='DEDEBE' toolTipBorder='889E6D' divLineColor='999999' showColumnShadow='0' divLineIsDashed='1' divLineDashLen='1' divLineDashGap='2' numberPrefix='$' numberSuffix='M' chartRightMargin='30'> <categories> <category label='<a href=''> Jan </a>'/> <category label='Software' /><category label='Service' /> </categories> <dataset seriesname='Domestic' color='8EAC41'> <set value='84' /> <set value='207' /> <set value='116' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='International' color='607142' > <set value='116' /> <set value='237' /> <set value='83' /> </dataset> </chart> It works if i use this string for the label: <category label='<a href=''> Jan </a>'/> But the label looks as follows and is not a link: <a href=''> Jan </a> How should the link in the label be written for it to work properly? /Jonathan
  7. Problem With Setdataurl/setxmlurl

    Hi I solved the problem and it was on our side in the method that generated the xml. Thank you Angshu for helping me even if it was not a problem with the fusionchart framework Regards Jonathan
  8. Problem With Setdataurl/setxmlurl

    Hi Both methods give the same result. I think it is wierd that it doesn't work, I generate others charts with very similar code and they works fine. Do you know if it could be a problem if the url provided to the chart generate the xml when it is called? Thank you for your patience with my problem
  9. Problem With Setdataurl/setxmlurl

    Hi I went of track with the problem I think. With the code I have now I am able to change the chart type to my desired type. The problem is when i call setDataURL and then render i sometimes get "Error in Loading Data" but not all the time (sometimes it displays my data and sometimes i get the error). The url i provide generates the xml when it is called, is it possible that my url dont generate the XML fast enough? (So when the chart tries to render the xml is not finished).
  10. Problem With Setdataurl/setxmlurl

    Hi Changing the chart type works, but the problem seems to be on how i provide my own xml. When i first create the chart i use setDataURL and it works and displays my xml from my url. But when i tried your suggestion of getting the xml from the old chart it is just empty. Short example: var myFirstFusionChart = new FusionCharts("myChartId, myChartType,...) myFirstFusionChart.setDataURL(myUrl); myFirstFusionChart.render(myChartDiv); //This first three lines works and displays my chart with my data //Later when i call my update script and i try to get the chart xml it is empty if(FusionCharts("myChartId"); { width = FusionCharts("myChartId").width; height = FusionCharts("myChartId").height; chartXML = FusionCharts("myChartId").getXMLData(); FusionCharts("myChartId").dispose(); } //With this code width and height gets values but chartXML is empty
  11. Problem With Setdataurl/setxmlurl

    Hello! What I want to achive: I want to draw and update a chart (or different charts) and depending on a few attributes I want the chart type to be different (so in one scenario i want it to be a combi chart and in the other a combi chart with double Y). The solution I found for this is to check wich chart type I want everytime I update the data and create a new chart with the right type. What the problem is: When I do this I get "Error in Loading Data" about 50% of the time (or more). This is how a bit of the the javascript code looks like: var oldFc = getChartFRomId("myChartId"); oldFc.dispose(); var newFc; if(useCombiChartDoubleY) { newFc = new FusionCharts("MSCombi2D.swf", "myChartId", myWidht, myHeight, "0", "1", {wMode : "transparent"}); } else { newFc = new FusionCharts("MSCombiDY2D.swf", "myChartId", myWidht, myHeight, "0", "1", {wMode : "transparent"}); } newFc.setDataURL(myUrl); newFc.render("myChartDiv"); I have alterd between setDataURL and setXMLUrl and noticed no difference. I have tried to use the old chart object and just updated the xmlurl and if I do that it works perfect with the setDataURL method but not at all with the setXMLUrl method. The problem then is that i cant modify the chart type. Any directions or guidelines are appreciated.