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  1. Vtrendline

    Can any help me to implement Vtrendline in multiline fusion chart. PFA having the expected output. Please let me know is it possible in MSLine.swf? If it is not possible how can we simulate it. Please help me.And also the implementaion required text in the middle of Graph.Is this possible?
  2. Vtrendline

    Thanks. It works. but we want to show the Vertical line and the text content Dynamicaly. So the BackGround Image cann't implement for my requirement.. any alternate suggessions?
  3. Vtrendline

    Thanks for your Quick response. So i want to change the SWF file to get this achievable right? ok I will try that with the attribute. but can you please help me that how can we add a text in the Middle part of Graph, I mean in the Graph background? If it is possible then at least I can draw a vertical line in the Graph and I can place the Text in both the side of the lines? is it possible in the MSLine.swf?
  4. Secondary Y Axis Name

    Hi All, is there any way to rotate the y axis name by 180 degrees or any provision to place it in any quadrant so that it can face the secondary y-axis and not opposite to it....
  5. Secondary Y Axis Name

    hi, when will this simple feature of rotating secondary Y-axis name can be made as an attribute.... so that we can use it.. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz anyone... suggest a solution....
  6. Fusion Charts

    setChartAttribute() is working fine with line charts but 'no data exists' for bar, radar, or, scatter...???