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  1. Hi We have a content page which uses a master page and when we include the FusionCharts.js file we get the following error on page load: - Microsoft JScript runtime error: Sys.ArgumentException: An element with id 'form1' could not be found. Parameter name: elementOrElementId this error is raised within the following script block: - $type.resolveElement = function DomElement$resolveElement(elementOrElementId, containerElement) { /// <summary locid="M:J#Sys.UI.DomElement.resolveElement">Returns the element with the specified Id in the specified container, or the element if it is already an element.</summary> /// <param name="elementOrElementId" mayBeNull="true"></param> /// <param name="containerElement" domElement="true" optional="true" mayBeNull="true"></param> /// <returns domElement="true"></returns> var e = Function._validateParams(arguments, [ {name: "elementOrElementId", mayBeNull: true}, {name: "containerElement", mayBeNull: true, domElement: true, optional: true} ]); if (e) throw e; var el = elementOrElementId; if (!el) return null; if (typeof(el) === "string") { el = Sys.get("#" + el, containerElement); if (!el) { throw Error.argument("elementOrElementId", String.format(Sys.Res.elementNotFound, elementOrElementId)); } } else if(!Sys.UI.DomElement.isDomElement(el)) { throw Error.argument("elementOrElementId", Sys.Res.expectedElementOrId); } return el; } Our graph will build without issues and we get the error even when removing the graph from the page, any ideas? Thanks in advance Andy
  2. Can't Display A Chart .... At All?

    Hi Guys Thanks for the replies, we solved it late last night by adding the /assets folder to the root of the app! Thanks for your help though, we have another problem now but I'm going to search first and see if it has already been covered LOL! Thanks again Andy
  3. Hi We are evaluating the Fusion Charts product but cannot get any chart of any description to display??? We have used the example provided in the documentation, "Monthly Unit Sales" in a very basic aspx page and we get nothing, no errors, no chart, nothing!!! We are using Visual Studio 2010 targeting .NET Framework version 4 could this be the issue? We have included the FusionChart.js script file and referenced the DLL in our project, and we can view the .swf file by looking directly at it via the browser. Any help would be greatly received Thanks in advance Andy