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  1. Hi Srividya, Thanks for the tip. I have not been at this task for some time now and hence the delay in response. However I am back to exploring it. Yes, it worked after deploying the application in tomcat 7.0. But now I need to make this real-time graph appear on my sharepoint site as a web-part. Please provide steps to do so. I have used fusion charts in my SharePoint site that read from SharePoint lists and it works fine. However I need to know how to get the real-time example running in sharepoint specially since I am using a JSP data provider that uses tomcat. I am using WSS 3.0. awaiting early reply. Thanks and Regards Khalid
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I am not deploying it to a webserver. I have used the exact instructions from the tutroial and am running it locally on my machine by copying the necessary files to the respective folders. There wern't any instructions in the tutorial regarding deployment on a web server.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if I can get a solution some time this week end. Thanks and Regards Khalid
  4. Dear Angshu, Please find my findings for the above troubleshooting tips - 1) 'Check if path dataStreamURL provided in XML is correct'. - - dataStreamURL is correct since minor changes made in the jsp code are reflecting in the chart. eg. I hard coded few values with appropriate datastream format in out.print() of stockprice.jsp and it was generating those hard coded values in the chart. 2) 'Check if you've specified a valid value for refreshInterval in your XML document'. - - refreshInterval is set to 2 seconds. This is also working fine as chart is updating with hard coded values every 2 seconds. 3) Check if dataStreamURL is returning proper data. To test this, just open your browser and run this page. It should return the data in text format. - When I run the page on a browser I am getting the code itself in text format on the browser instead of the output data. (I am not sure if I am doing this the right way) 4) Make sure the output data doesn't contain any carriage returns or HTML elements. In many scripting languages, these are automatically added. You'll need to remove them. - Since I am not able to see the output generated on the browser I can't verify that. However as I said, it is working fine with hard coded values. I need to be able to check output data of the default code on the browser. Please suggest me steps to do that since I am unsure of the same. 5) You also need to make sure that the page which provides the incremental update data to FusionCharts must be hosted on the same sub-domain in which the chart .swf is hosted - otherwise, FusionWidgets, owing to Flash Sandbox security model, won't be able to receive updated data. Due to Flash sandbox security restrictions, you are allowed to retrieve data only from the same sub-domain in which the flash movie is residing. Data can only be loaded from a domain that is an exact match to the location of the SWF, including subdomains. For this reason a SWF residing at will not be able to access data from a SWF at - This I believe is not a concern since I am running a sample tutorial and keeping all the files on the same folder. I guess problem is with the .asp, .jsp code since it isn't generating the required output as per debug report. Although the code seems fine. I am attaching all the files for your review. (I do not have permissions to upload .jsp files therefore I have converted it into a .txt and attached). Thanks and Regards SimpleExample.html Data.xml StockPrice.txt
  5. Hi Angshu, Please find the attached screen shot. I have changed the refresh interval to 2 seconds instead of the default 60 seconds and set debug mode on. Please notice the highlighted circle in red at bottom right corner. Instead of populating time intervals it keeps generating these. Thanks and Regards
  6. Hi, I am trying to run the simple example under Data Streaming Charts Stock Price Monitor tutorial. However I keep getting invalid data: Non-numeric data " roundedRandomValue error when I run the chart in debug mode. I tried using .asp , .jsp and .php data providers. But the result is the same. In x-axis it keeps populating "timeLabel". Please suggest a solution. Thanks and Regards