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  1. I've been using the "styles" functionality successfully, but have come up against something I havent had any luck with. See attached image for what i want to do. Basically be able to style each Y axis label independently. Is this possible?
  2. Styling X Axis, Upgrade Issue

    Thanks again, perfect. Appreciate the help.
  3. Styling X Axis, Upgrade Issue

    Thanks, that's actually not a bad solution. Its working well! Lastly, one other problem that I didnt notice before. The top value on the Y axis is being cut off? No matter what I do to the chart the same thing keeps happening. I made a test page that was a completely empty html file, with one <div> for the chart and it still happens. You can see it in my screenshots, but here's another one attached to help explain it. I can show you my data, the html, anything. Seems to happen in all browsers too.
  4. I recently upgraded from 3.2.1 to 3.2.3, and without any change in chart styling have noticed that I have lost the styling on the X axis that I previously had? See attached image below. This is the styling I'm using on the chart: Can you guys give me some adive on how to get the the axis border back? I just want it to look like it does in my 3.2.1 version.
  5. Can i get a non minified, non optimized version of the JS source so i can atleast try and debug this myself and come up with a fix?
  6. Really? Nothing? No one has seen this before?
  7. I've seen a few similar posts, but im not sure ive seen this exact issue talked about here. When i include FusionCharts.js locally, the dynamically included files, e.g FusionCharts.HC.js are being included fine. But from the file comes from a CDN, the url it generates for the other files is escaped the therefore isnt valid and isnt loaded on the page. Any ideas?
  8. Hi there, I'm trying to come up with a way to show the labels of each piechart section, without the chart getting so tiny. The screenshot below, shows the exact same chart, but with shorter text labels. I'd really like the chart to fill the whitespace more than it does. I know i can turn off labels and show a legend but I don't want that for this chart. I'm already making sure the margins are all 0 for the chart, do you have any other tips?
  9. Rendering Issue With Js Version

    Thats good to hear. I was starting to get confused as to why my JS pie charts didnt look anything like yours do in the demo: Viewing the src shows you're using fusioncharts/3.2.2-release.3880 which seems to use a new version of HighCharts too. Its not great showing demo's using code that isnt publicly available
  10. Thanks for the reply. When do you envision the next release will be? We're in the process of changing all our charts over to use the Highcharts API, and its a little dissapointing to see a lot of features/settings not being carried across.
  11. Hi guys, I've been creating some test charts using the new javascript/highcharts stuff, and ive noticed that these too properties mentioned in the documentation do not seem to have any affect when using them on the new javascript charts? If I understand the 'yAxisNamePadding' property correctly, it should adjust the width between the text "Diaries" and the number 100 in my screenshot below? I've tried all sorts of values '0' '10' '100' - no visible difference when the chart is rendered sadly. I also would like to change the colour and width of the scale dashes on the bottom line of the chart too, but i havent been able to find the right property in the documentation? Thanks guys.