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  1. Fusion Charts in Hidden Divs

    Hi Haritha, Any update on this yet? This is preventing me from upgrading to the latest Fusion Charts in order to solve another issue.
  2. Hi, please find my XML and chart below. The trendpoint line is displaying in the correct place, however the point value itself isn't. Any ideas? I believe it might have to do with the charts lowerlimit not being equal to zero as when I change it to zero, it shows correctly. However, I need the scale to have a different lowerlimit than zero: <chart manageresize='1' showValues='1' baseFontColor='635245' baseFontSize='10' bgAlpha='100' paletteThemeColor='c4ba7d' showborder='1' upperlimit='100' lowerlimit='20' charttopmargin='20' chartbottommargin='10' chartleftmargin='40' chartrightmargin='40' ticksbelowgauge='1' showgaugelabels='1' pointerontop='1' pointerradius='20' adjustTM='0' majorTMNumber='11' minorTMNumber='2' tickValueDecimals='1' tickValueStep='2' numbersuffix=' %' lowerLimitDisplay='20' upperLimitDisplay='100' pointerBgColor='e17000' showTickValues='1' showTickMarks='1' showLimits='1' majorTMHeight='20' minorTMHeight='14' valuePadding='0' plotSpacePercent='100' majorTMColor='635245' minorTMColor='635245' pointerBorderThickness='3' pointerBorderColor='635245' > <colorrange> <color minvalue='20' maxvalue='25' code='7ab800' label='Normal' /> <color minvalue='25' maxvalue='50' code='7ab800' label='Normal' /> <color minvalue='50' maxvalue='75' code='f0ab00' label='Borderline High' /> <color minvalue='75' maxvalue='100' code='d52b1e' label='High' /> </colorrange> <trendpoints> <point startValue='25' showOnTop='1' color='333333' /> </trendpoints> <pointers> <pointer fontsize='15' showValue='1' value='50' toolText='50' /> </pointers> </chart> Your help is much appreciated! Thanks, Lisa
  3. Hi, I have a chart with several drill down charts connected using link='newchart-xml-chart_x". Is there any way I can link directly to a drill down chart? So, e.g. I want to a click event externally from the chart to jump straight to "chart_x" (or on page_load). Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi. I'm having a small problem with tooltips as attached. All tooltips in the example are all the same length but get cut off at certain bars. The first graph has it hovering over the actual bar while the next two have it beside the bar. Is there any way to force the tooltip to hover over the bar and not beside it? I am using the latest version of Fusioncharts. Thanks, Lisa
  5. Export Chart To Image

    So after a lot of testing, I discovered that the FC_Exported function is not hit through HTTPS but it is through HTTP. I'm assuming from a lack of response that no one else was able to recreate my issue?? Running the site through HTTP is not an option and my work around is very unstable. I would really appreciate some input/advice on this issue. Thanks, Lisa
  6. Export Chart To Image

    I'm sure the example I have given won't be much help as the chart is created very complicatedly. However, the javascript is almost exactly as it is in the examples and I have made very very few changes to the exporter.aspx file. The only difference between what I'm doing and your examples for .NET is that I use String chart = FusionCharts.RenderChart(chartSWF, strURL, strXML, chartId, chartWidth, chartHeight, debugMode, registerWithJS) divChart.InnerHtml = chart; in the back end instead of var myChart = new FusionCharts(chartSWF, chartId, chartWidth, chartHeight, debugMode, registerWithJS); myChart.setXMLUrl("data.xml"); myChart.render("chartContainer"); with javascript. It works fine in all browsers except IE 7,8 and 9. The chart renders in all browsers and exports it to disc. There is just no callback function reached (function FC_Exported(objRtn)) in any Internet Explorers. It seems to hit a snag somewhere after storing the image and before returning something to the browser. This is something I am having difficulty debugging. Please help, this is an important matter. Many thanks, Lisa
  7. Export Chart To Image

    Has there been any development on this? When I try to debug, I see that it just loops through several jquery files infinitely.These files are 3rd party standard files so I can't really go much further. The issue is happening in Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9. Thanks, Lisa
  8. Export Chart To Image

    My apologies, I thought I had uploaded it. Here it is.
  9. Export Chart To Image

    Angshu, my apologies for the delay. I've attached a smaller version of my chart. Thanks for your help.
  10. Export Chart To Image

    Who is that in reply to? I am still having issues in IE and it is slowing down productivity for my clients. It is working perfectly in every other browser and the chart is appearing on the server but js never gets a response. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks, Lisa
  11. Export Chart To Image

    Now that I understand the export I have another question. More of an issue: I am currently exporting to server and it is working very smoothly for me. However, in IE (7 & 8) it does not seem to hit the callback handler. It exports the chart, saves it to my server but never comes back to the browser which is stopping further functionality within the site. I have tried to debug the issue but have not been successful. If you have any suggestions or further knowledge on similar issues I would really appreciate it. Regards, Lisa
  12. Export Chart To Image

    Hmm, I changed the chart I was using and it works fine now. I think I have an old and new version of the charts. Would there be any problems if I were to update with all the new charts? Is everything backwards compatible? Thanks!
  13. Export Chart To Image

    Actually, that doesn't seem to be my issue. I'm going through the samples given in the package and I keep getting the issue "chart.isrendered()" and "chart.exportChart() is not a function". Where should these functions be stored?
  14. Hi, I've been trying to set up exporting several charges to images for use in PDF reports. I've been working on it for countless hours and am still having issues even displaying the option to export it when I right click on the chart itself. I've gone through all documentation I can find but nothing seems to work. Shouldn't it just be as simple as exportEnabled='1'? Thanks in advance!