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  1. Using Sql Inside Fusioncharts

    I have found that sometimes the query needs to be in a stored procedure to work. I was getting errors running some cte statements but once i put them into a strored procedure the problem went away.
  2. How To Create A Pie Chart

    I have done this in the previous screen shoots. Nothing is present.
  3. How To Create A Pie Chart

    Any thoughts Rahul??
  4. How To Create A Pie Chart

    grouping results.docoops i added the wrong doc for you.
  5. How To Create A Pie Chart

    I have attempted that with no luck. Here are the results attached. Thoughts?? fusionchartimages.doc
  6. How To Create A Pie Chart

    For this chart i am really needing the exit status and title. They are both var fields in the database.
  7. How To Create A Pie Chart

    datagrid.fusioncharts.doc here is the requested screenshots.
  8. How To Create A Pie Chart

    Here is the doc.fusionchartimages.doc
  9. How To Create A Pie Chart

    I thought i added the screen shots i had taken. I will add them for you today. I have checked to see the data in the grid with the group option. It shows nothing. I would think if i would group by exit status and count on job title, it would count the number of instances. Do you have any docs i can review.
  10. How To Create A Pie Chart

    I am using the following query: SELECT * FROM [NETVAULT].[dbo].[NV_JOB_HISTORY] where "StartDateTime_Calc" >= dateadd(hh, -24, GETDATE()) AND "phase" =1 AND NOT "job title" like '%arch%' AND NOT "Job Title" like '%tran%' I am not doing and filtering or grouping, although i have attempted to group several ways and i do not get any results back. I am choosing the pie or bar chart from the single series section. It looks like it should be counting the number of each exit status.
  11. Installation Problems

    I found the problem. I must have a currupt or incomplete web application. When i was doing the install i choose all 8 web applications. I noticed the install kept failing at the same web app. I then removed it and installed it to the required web apps and all started to work fine for being able to access the web part. Thanks for your time on this. I do really appreciate it.
  12. Installation Problems

    i am confirmed and allso attempted with another user. Both users are admins for sharepoint and the server.
  13. How To Create A Pie Chart

    No errors. Just not getting any chart data. I have tried using the query. Its actually the way i perfer to go, so i can trim down the amount of data to the past 24 hours. I can see the data in the grid view but i cant see it in the charts.
  14. I have connected to a sql database and i have presented two columns. " Job Title" and "Exit Status". I would like to create a report to show how many instances of each status occured. I have tried just about everything i can think of. Does anyone have ideas for me? I thought this would be one of the simplest reports to start with.
  15. Installation Problems

    I did find that it is working on one of the other site i installed it on as well. I would like to see if we can figure out how to get it on the main site, but this will work for testing and report development.