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  1. Limit To Number Of Entities

    Thanks, I have noticed that if I limit the 3 states in the US with more than 128 entities, Georgia, Texas and Virginia, that it works. Below is the code for Virginia and it will not load the map with this XML it is just blank. <map borderColor='005879' fillColor='D7F4FF' baseFontSize='9' showLabels='0'> <colorRange> <color minValue='0' maxValue='11' displayValue='0-10' color='CC0000' /> <color minValue='11' maxValue='21' displayValue='11-20' color='FF0000' /> <color minValue='21' maxValue='31' displayValue='21-30' color='FF5500' /> <color minValue='31' maxValue='41' displayValue='31-40' color='FF9900' /> <color minValue='41' maxValue='51' displayValue='41-50' color='FFCC00' /> <color minValue='51' maxValue='61' displayValue='51-60' color='FFFF00' /> <color minValue='61' maxValue='71' displayValue='61-70' color='CCFF00' /> <color minValue='71' maxValue='81' displayValue='71-80' color='99FF00' /> <color minValue='81' maxValue='91' displayValue='81-90' color='55FF00' /> <color minValue='91' maxValue='101' displayValue='91-100' color='00FF00' /> </colorRange> <data> <entity id='001' value='43'/> <entity id='003' value='37'/> <entity id='005' value='70'/> <entity id='007' value='34'/> <entity id='009' value='9'/> <entity id='011' value='91'/> <entity id='013' value='90'/> <entity id='015' value='1'/> <entity id='017' value='38'/> <entity id='019' value='63'/> <entity id='021' value='75'/> <entity id='023' value='74'/> <entity id='025' value='81'/> <entity id='027' value='56'/> <entity id='029' value='56'/> <entity id='031' value='76'/> <entity id='033' value='44'/> <entity id='035' value='94'/> <entity id='036' value='39'/> <entity id='037' value='24'/> <entity id='041' value='53'/> <entity id='043' value='59'/> <entity id='045' value='80'/> <entity id='047' value='56'/> <entity id='049' value='13'/> <entity id='051' value='63'/> <entity id='053' value='37'/> <entity id='057' value='73'/> <entity id='059' value='23'/> <entity id='061' value='52'/> <entity id='063' value='6'/> <entity id='065' value='3'/> <entity id='067' value='70'/> <entity id='069' value='49'/> <entity id='071' value='40'/> <entity id='073' value='100'/> <entity id='075' value='57'/> <entity id='077' value='27'/> <entity id='079' value='63'/> <entity id='081' value='30'/> <entity id='083' value='20'/> <entity id='085' value='43'/> <entity id='087' value='87'/> <entity id='089' value='20'/> <entity id='091' value='32'/> <entity id='093' value='63'/> <entity id='095' value='95'/> <entity id='097' value='31'/> <entity id='099' value='19'/> <entity id='101' value='27'/> <entity id='103' value='62'/> <entity id='105' value='56'/> <entity id='107' value='71'/> <entity id='109' value='20'/> <entity id='111' value='24'/> <entity id='113' value='78'/> <entity id='115' value='49'/> <entity id='117' value='87'/> <entity id='119' value='19'/> <entity id='121' value='30'/> <entity id='125' value='50'/> <entity id='127' value='17'/> <entity id='131' value='67'/> <entity id='133' value='7'/> <entity id='135' value='18'/> <entity id='137' value='23'/> <entity id='139' value='4'/> <entity id='141' value='59'/> <entity id='143' value='41'/> <entity id='145' value='34'/> <entity id='147' value='40'/> <entity id='149' value='81'/> <entity id='153' value='83'/> <entity id='155' value='65'/> <entity id='157' value='65'/> <entity id='159' value='37'/> <entity id='161' value='4'/> <entity id='163' value='2'/> <entity id='165' value='56'/> <entity id='167' value='49'/> <entity id='169' value='57'/> <entity id='171' value='43'/> <entity id='173' value='16'/> <entity id='175' value='23'/> <entity id='177' value='2'/> <entity id='179' value='33'/> <entity id='181' value='2'/> <entity id='183' value='3'/> <entity id='185' value='25'/> <entity id='187' value='16'/> <entity id='191' value='38'/> <entity id='193' value='64'/> <entity id='195' value='79'/> <entity id='197' value='79'/> <entity id='199' value='36'/> <entity id='510' value='99'/> <entity id='515' value='47'/> <entity id='520' value='40'/> <entity id='530' value='56'/> <entity id='540' value='67'/> <entity id='550' value='56'/> <entity id='570' value='51'/> <entity id='560' value='8'/> <entity id='580' value='57'/> <entity id='590' value='85'/> <entity id='595' value='86'/> <entity id='600' value='57'/> <entity id='610' value='20'/> <entity id='620' value='96'/> <entity id='630' value='24'/> <entity id='640' value='26'/> <entity id='650' value='42'/> <entity id='660' value='18'/> <entity id='670' value='12'/> <entity id='678' value='89'/> <entity id='680' value='53'/> <entity id='683' value='7'/> <entity id='685' value='35'/> <entity id='690' value='42'/> <entity id='700' value='20'/> <entity id='710' value='89'/> <entity id='720' value='63'/> <entity id='730' value='81'/> <entity id='735' value='86'/> <entity id='740' value='24'/> <entity id='750' value='86'/> <entity id='760' value='80'/> <entity id='770' value='33'/> <entity id='775' value='69'/> <entity id='790' value='50'/> <entity id='800' value='27'/> <entity id='810' value='84'/> <entity id='820' value='32'/> <entity id='830' value='42'/> <entity id='840' value='65'/> </data> </map>
  2. Hi, I am using the virginia and texas maps and whenever I have more than 128 entities the maps do not display? Is there a known limit or is this a new problem. Thanks, Justin