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  1. Localize Graph

    Hi, I want to generate localize graph. which has some value, For example.i am generating a xml for graph.Graph value should be localize like as decimal value in Dutch 321,12,decimal value in English 321.12
  2. Data Label

    Thanks for your valuable reply but i am looking some hyperlink should be shown in Xaxix name when mouse pointer goes on Xaxix name
  3. Data Label

    Hi I want to add a tooltip on label is it possible for current version and can i add hyperlink on Xaxixs labels Thanks
  4. Label Width

    Hi, I am using Multiseries line 2D graph i want to increase the width of label Is there any way to increase the width of label. Thanks
  5. How Can i apply font style on trendline?
  6. Trendline In Legend

    I would like to know . How to add trend line in legend.I am using Multi series 2D line chart Regards Naveen Gupta How Can i apply font style on trendline?