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  1. Ajax, Waiting Indcicator

    OK. This does not work in all browsers. Is there any recommended elegant solution for Asp.Net application to display progress while data is being loaded from the web service. You posted a link earlier on for chart messages but the question is if my chart only exists in code behind..how can i display the message like..."Data loading...." Will really help...
  2. Ajax, Waiting Indcicator

    I have figured out a way to get it to work. Using timer and Ajax call.
  3. Ajax, Waiting Indcicator

    Chart does not get displayed till it has all of the data (Not even the message). I have updated it as you suggested but no message gets displayed...page appears white and than the chart. No custom message ...
  4. Ajax, Waiting Indcicator

    OK. But how will it work in an asp.net application where we do something like this in the codebehing page load method.. output = FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("FusionCharts/MSColumn3DLineDY.swf", "", xmlData.ToString(), "tradeAnalytics", ChartWidth, ChartHeight, false, true);
  5. Hi, I have a web page which has a chart on it. This is more like a landing page. Now I get he data using a web service. The problem I have right now is that I don't know how to display message to the user saying ..chart is loading data. It is an ASP.Net application and chart gets generated in the page load event. How can this chart display this message "Data loading" right away as soon as user hits the and goes away when the chart is loaded. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I am trying to put the chart on one of the widgets here: http://www.dynamicdashboards.net/ When I bring the widget to the page. First time it does not work/chart does not display but no error..Any ideas..?

  7. Asp.net Stackedchart

    I had already done that and it worked. I appreciate your help though. Thanks.
  8. Asp.net Stackedchart

    I need to be able to display ins tacked column chart - the buy and sell part (red and green). Left y-axis has the shares sold and at right y-axis I have their value. the line you see in the char is the end of day price for each date you see at the bottom. I hope this is enough information for you.
  9. Asp.net Stackedchart

    Attaching the file.
  10. Asp.net Stackedchart

    1. I want to be able to display StackedChart using ASP.Net and C#. There is an example with the xml file. Can we achieve the same by using some other data structure like array. 2. I allse could not find an example for similar architecture using dual y chart (stacked) and a line . All on one chart.