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  1. <map borderColor="DEE8F4" fillColor="033c7d" hoverColor="0a579f" showCanvasBorder="0" showLabels="0" animation="0" showBevel="0" clickURL="" hoverOnEmpty="1" baseFontColor="033c7d"><data><entity id="AK" link="javascript:lightBox('AK')" color="F57540" toolText="" showLabel="1"/></data><styles><definition><style name="TT" type="font" color="033c7d" bgColor="ffffff"/></definition><application><apply toObject="ToolTip" styles="TT"/></application></styles></map> Here is my code and what I want is just the Alaska label to show up. It is not working right now. Is there something else that I'm doing wrong?
  2. Json

    Is JSON ever going to be supported in FusionWidgets? This would make my job so much easier as it's easier to do cross-domain with JSONP. Thanks, Jamie
  3. Using Javascript Functions As Links

    Still didn't work. Looks like I'll just use the long way of writing it out. Also, you should check your documentation for Global Security Settings as with Flash 10, the Settings page has changed. Just to let you know also I'm using Flash 10.2 and IE9/FF6.
  4. Hover Fonts

    Could you put in an option for hoverFont? You have baseFont, markerFont, but if I wanted to have a opposite colors for fill and hover, the font will not be able to be seen on one of the two.
  5. Using Javascript Functions As Links

    No, this did not work.
  6. I'm trying to use the new style of Javascript functions with Fusion Maps v3 and am not able to reference the Javscript. When I have this: <entity id='01' link="JavaScript:myJS('NA')"/> it works <entity id='01' link="j-myJS-NA"/> this does not work. Thanks, Jame