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  1. Linked Chart with Data String Method

    I reviewed your last comments and I did the change that you told me. Finally It works correctly. I'm thankful for all your support. Regards !!
  2. Linked Chart with Data String Method

    My dear friend, I tried to pass the array of drill-down chart objects. But It didn't work, can you guide me to use this option? Or if you can see an error that I passed away I'll be thankfull that you help me. This is my source code: Regards !!
  3. Linked Chart with Data String Method

    Hi Sashibhusan, I resolved correctly the trouble with the chart styles, and it is plotting very fine. Now I have a question with the configureLink() function, I created the data that I want to plot and I think that they have the correct format, I've plotted correctly the first level but I could not be able to plot the second level. Could you help me to configure correctly the configureLink() function? FusionCharts("resumen_txn").configureLink ( { swfUrl : "charts/Line.swf", // Specify the chart type overlayButton:{ message: ' Cerrar ', font : 'Tauri', fontColor : 'ffffff', fontSize : '13', bold : '0', padding : '5', bgColor:'b90000', borderColor: 'b90000' } },0 ); // The first drill-down level is 0 (zero) My sourcecode is a little long, so here it is a link to have a view of it: Regards !!
  4. Linked Chart with Data String Method

    Hi Sashibhusan, I read your last information and it was useful, thanks a lot. It works fine with my data querys, at last, I tried to aply styles, canvas color, div lines color, etc etc, but they did not work, so i would like to know wich Functional Attributes or Chart Cosmetics works with this method? Regards !!
  5. Linked Chart with Data String Method

    Hi Sashibhusan, I saw your example and i think that it can help me a lot, is it possible to implement this example without javascript? If it is posile, how can I do it? Thanks !!
  6. Linked Chart with Data String Method

    Hi Sashibhusan, Thanks for your answer, I want to share with you the file content that i'm not attached in my las post, meanwhile i'll read the information that you send me. One more thing, do you have an example from configureLink() with data string method? Regards !! <script type="text/javascript" ><!-- // Instantiate the Chart var chart_chart01 = new FusionCharts( { "swfUrl" : "charts/MSCombiDY2D.swf", "width" : "1000", "height" : "500", "renderAt" : "chart01Div", "dataFormat" : "xml", "id" : "chart01", "wMode" : "opaque", "dataSource" : "<chart bgColor='ffffff' bgAlpha='100' showBorder='1' borderColor='ffffff' borderThickness='0' canvasBgColor='ffffff' canvasBgAlpha='100' canvasBorderColor='000000' canvasBorderThickness='1' canvasBorderAlpha='100' logoURL='images/corner.jpg' logoAlpha='100' logoPosition='TL' caption='Total de Transacciones por Año' subCaption= 'información al Lunes, 20 de Enero de 2014' PYAxisName='Millones de Transacciones' SYAxisName='Incremento Porcentual' xAxisName='Años' useRoundEdges='1' plotSpacePercent='65' sNumberSuffix='%' lineColor='B90000' labelDisplay='auto' showToolTip='1' toolTipBgColor='B90000' toolTipBorderColor='990000' toolTipSepChar=' / ' showToolTipShadow='1' showValues='0' rotateValues='1' baseFont='Tauri' baseFontSize='12' baseFontColor='000000' outCnvBaseFont='Tauri' outCnvBaseFontSize='12' outCnvBaseFontColor='000000' adjustDiv='0' divLineColor='990000' divLineThickness='1' divLineAlpha='20' divLineIsDashed='1' divLineDashLen='6' divLineDashGap='3' chartLeftMargin='5' chartRightMargin='5' chartTopMargin='5' chartBottomMargin='5' captionPadding='5' xAxisNamePadding='5' yAxisNamePadding='5' yAxisValuesPadding='5' labelPadding='5' valuePadding='5' canvasPadding='8' formatNumberScale='0' setAdaptiveYMin='1' centerYaxisName='1'> <categories> <category label='2011' /><vLine linePosition='0' color='990000' alpha='20' dashed='1' dashLen='6'/> <category label='2012' /><vLine linePosition='0' color='990000' alpha='20' dashed='1' dashLen='6'/> <category label='2013' /><vLine linePosition='0' color='990000' alpha='20' dashed='1' dashLen='6'/> <category label='2014' /><vLine linePosition='0' color='990000' alpha='20' dashed='1' dashLen='6'/> </categories> <dataset seriesName='Transacciones' color='ebebeb'> <set value='1382752276' link='newchart-xml-2004-quarterly' /> <set value='1708053302' link='newchart-xml-2004-quarterly' /> <set value='1932360888' link='newchart-xml-2004-quarterly' /> <set value='107777498' link='newchart-xml-2004-quarterly' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Incremento Anual' parentYAxis='S' renderAs='Line' anchorRadius='4' lineThickness='3'> <set value='21.88' link='newchart-xml-2004-quarterly'/> <set value='23.53' link='newchart-xml-2004-quarterly'/> <set value='13.13' link='newchart-xml-2004-quarterly'/> <set value='-94.42' link='newchart-xml-2004-quarterly'/> </dataset> <styles> <definition> <style name='CFontStyle' type='font' font='Trebuchet MS' size='15' color='000000' bold='0'/> <style name='SCFontStyle' type='font' font='Tauri' size='12' color='000000' bold='0'/> <style name='TTFontStyle' type='font' font='Tauri' size='11' color='FFFFFF' /> <style name='YAFontStyle' type='font' font='Tauri' size='13' color='000000' bold='0' /> <style name='XAFontStyle' type='font' font='Tauri' size='13' color='000000' bold='0' /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='Caption' styles='CFontStyle' /> <apply toObject='subCaption' styles='SCFontStyle' /> <apply toObject='Tooltip' styles='TTFontStyle' /> <apply toObject='YAxisName' styles='YAFontStyle' /> <apply toObject='XAxisName' styles='XAFontStyle' /> </application> </styles> <linkeddata id='2004-quarterly'> <chart caption='Quarterly Sales Summary' subcaption='For the year 2004' xAxisName='Quarter' yAxisName='Sales' > <set label='Q1' value='3700' /> <set label='Q2' value='2900' /> <set label='Q3' value='3200' /> <set label='Q4' value='3900' /> </chart> </linkeddata> </chart>" } ).render(); // --></script>
  7. Hi there!! I am testing the linked charts but i can not be able to get the desire result. Here is the thing: I created a MSCombiDY2D chart, and I have generated the data with a mysql query, then and just for testing, I applied the example from your web (Home > FusionCharts XT Data Formats > XML > LinkedCharts XML), and the string data was set like in the attached text. The chart is rendering correctly, but when I click on the colum to get next chart it doesn't work, and it says "No data to display". Please guide me to use correctly this method. Regars !!
  8. How To Pass Chart Settings

    Hi Sweep, Let me help you. If you want to show an image background you should set the bgAlpha param to 100, or greater than 0, the bgAlpha is like a gradient on the image, so you are disappearing the image settig the param with 0. The canvasPadding parameter refers to the separation between the layer where you draw the graph and the lines that are drawn into this layer. Look the documentation in this site to understand me, this is the path: Support > Documentation > FusionCharts XT > Quick Chart Configuration > Chart Paddings & Margins And finally try this example that i've wrote for you. I hope that this can help you. Greetings!!
  9. Chart Preloader

    Thanks a lot !! But im using the data string method with php, how can implement your example in the next scrip?? mapa.php
  10. Chart Preloader

    Hi there!! I would like to add a presonal preloader while the chart is loading, is this posible?? How can i do it ?? Thanks !!
  11. Hi there!! I trying to develop a new view for an statistic site that I'm building in PHP and MySQL. At present, I have used the dataStr method, but I would like to use the jQuery plugin in order to introduce a new functionality. I want to have a form in HTML, then launch a query and get the information, finally plot the chart, this actions without refresh the page. Is it possible ?? Do you have an example with this functionality ?? I'll appreciate your help.
  12. Customize Tooltip

    Hi Bindhu!! Thanks for answer, do you have any alternative to show the date?? Because this is important info to analyze the bullet chart. Thanks for your help.
  13. Customize Tooltip

    Hi there!! Im working with Bullet Graphs, and i trying to customize the tooltip because I want to show the date. First, I have a query to get the information, and then i would like to integrate the date like in liner charts. I share my source code i hope that you can help me... <?php $qAnio_Ind = $qAnio."-*"; $qAnioA_Ind = $qAnioA."-*"; $strXML="<chart caption='ATM Nacional' subcaption='Días record' showValue='1' showBorder='0' chartTopMargin='50' plotFillColor='CC0000' targetThickness='7' >"; $strMin = "SELECT TXTOT AS TXNS FROM `tbpdata` WHERE FECHA REGEXP '$qAnio_Ind' AND PROD = 'ATM' AND AMBT = 'NACI' ORDER BY TXNS ASC LIMIT 1"; $resultMin = mysql_query($strMin) or die(mysql_error()); $datoMin = mysql_fetch_array($resultMin); $Min = $datoMin['TXNS']; mysql_free_result($resultMin); $strValue = "SELECT DATE_FORMAT(FECHA,'%d-%b-%Y') AS FECHA, TXTOT AS TXNS FROM `tbpdata` WHERE FECHA REGEXP '$qAnio_Ind' AND PROD = 'ATM' AND AMBT = 'NACI' ORDER BY TXNS DESC LIMIT 1"; $resultValue = mysql_query($strValue) or die(mysql_error()); $datoValue = mysql_fetch_array($resultValue); $value = $datoValue['TXNS']; mysql_free_result($resultValue); $strTarget = "SELECT DATE_FORMAT(FECHA,'%d-%b-%Y') AS FECHA, TXTOT AS TXNS FROM `tbpdata` WHERE FECHA REGEXP '$qAnioA_Ind' AND PROD = 'ATM' AND AMBT = 'NACI' ORDER BY TXNS DESC LIMIT 1"; $resultTarget = mysql_query($strTarget) or die(mysql_error()); $datoTarget = mysql_fetch_array($resultTarget); $target = $datoTarget['TXNS']; mysql_free_result($resultTarget); $Max = $value + 500000; $strXML.="<colorRange> <color minValue='".$Min."' maxValue='".$target."' code='A6A6A6'/> <color minValue='".$target."' maxValue='".$Max."' code='E1E1E1'/> </colorRange> <value>".$value."</value> <target>".$target."</target> <styles> <definition> <style name='CFontStyle' type='font' font='Calibri' size='13' color='000000' bold='1'/> <style name='SCFontStyle' type='font' font='Calibri' size='11' color='000000' bold='1'/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='caption' styles='CFontStyle' /> <apply toObject='subcaption' styles='SCFontStyle' /> </application> </styles> </chart>"; ?> <span align="center" style="display:inline-block;"> <?php echo renderChart("charts/VBullet.swf", "", $strXML, "chart06", "130", "400", "0", "0" );?> </span>
  14. Hi there!! I would like to know if Scroll Line Chart supports Vertical Trend Lines. Like in the next example: <vTrendlines> <line startIndex='5' displayValue='Trend 1' displayAlways='1'/> </vTrendlines> If it is not posible, how can i plot a line like vertical trend line in the chart???
  15. Hi there !! There's something that I would like to know, how can i retrieve data to a linear gauge like in a realtime chart? this is because i want to refresh the shown value in the linear gauge in a stablished time period. Thanks for your help !!