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  1. Hi, I am using Drag-Node charts,I Modify a node data and want to capture on the server side, For Ex: 1)There are 10 nodes in that I modify Node# 7,so I want get hold of Node 7 only in the action class. 2) I delete Node # 6, and I should know that Node#6 deleted How to identify the particular modified Node Data for further processing ? Regards, Trial
  2. Hi, Please can you elaborate, what is not possible ? Regards, Trial
  3. Hi , I am using Drag-Node charts, in that for a Node has following attributes: <set x='20' y='70' width='120' height='40' name='Name:Tom McQuin {BR}Age: 54yrs {BR}Designation:CTO' color='62D0FE' id='CTO' /> can I able to add some custom attributes ?And should be able to modify from UI. Please see the attached Graph. Regards, Trial