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  1. Data Labels Layout

    Hi, Thanks for your answer. I can stop searching the docs Best, Bart
  2. Chart Layout

    Hi, Thanks for your response. The pie radius is set to 55 on both charts. <chart caption='Country' subCaption='(% of total GAV)' legendPosition='BOTTOM' legendShadow='0' legendBorderAlpha='0' showvalues='0' showlegend='1' enablesmartlabels='0' showlabels='0' showPercentValues='1' animation='1' formatNumberScale='0' pieSliceDepth='10' startingAngle='125' pieRadius='55' manageLabelOverflow='1' showBorder="0" borderAlpha="80" borderColor="ffffff" bgcolor="ffffff" bgAlpha="0" bgRatio="80,20" baseFontSize='10' basefontcolor="584738" > <set color="bbac9f" value="100" label="Australia"/> </chart>
  3. Data Labels Layout

    Hi all, Is there a way to have a different style/layout for each datalabel in one chart? I have a scatter chart with a dataset with green dots and one with blue dots and now I want the corresponding labels to be in the same color as the dataset. Is this possible? Thanks!
  4. Chart Layout

    Hi, First off, we've bought your chart software after evaluating it for a period and I must say that it is pretty awesome! But, I'm still having one problem. I'm having two pie charts next to eachother with the same dimensions. One has 6 categories and the other has only two. The legends vary in size and this makes the chart and the legend gets spread evenly over the height. Now my charts are not aligned together. I want my two pies to be top-aligned together (have the same distance from the chart caption.) I've looked and searched and was able to fix all my issues, but this one I cant seem to figure out. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance, Bart