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  1. Pie Chart Labels

    I am working with a column chart as indicated in the attached picture. I was able to achieve this effect by adding spaces to the end of the top lines of the labels until they wrapped (presumably due to a field size limitation). Unfortunately, that formatting carries over to the tooltips. Any thoughts will be appreciated.
  2. Link Break In Labels

    Somewhere in this forum I discovered what looked like a snippet of html code which worked in the xml file and forced everything after the code to another line. As I recall, probably imperfectly, it began"&A..". TIA
  3. Pie Chart Labels

    I have pie labels which need to break into 3 lines. A while back I found some code on this site which (while not standard xml) worked but alas I cannot find the file I tested with. Any thoughts? TIA
  4. I am fairly proficient at html and know my way around xml but . . . when I attempt to import an xml file (part of the licensed package downloaded from extendstudio) no data shows in the grid and thus, no go. I can kinda manually insert data but if I use "paste from clipboard' it invariably uses column a (which wants to be the category column) and I get the message about 1 category and 1 series.0 Is this an anomaly or am I doing something wrong? TIA