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  1. Hi Thanks for the quick response. The chart image that I send you shows variations of data in line between two chart points . But in line chart or spline chart the line between two chart points doesn't have any influence of data. They just connect two points. My requirement is that apart from connecting two points the line connecting them should also plot on graph based on that , that I need to pass. And please also tell me, if this is feasible with fusion chart then the way to do it. Please see the image attached therewith as I tried to explain through image as well. Thanks once again.
  2. Hi, I am using line chart and all things are working very nice. One thing that I need as per requirement is that in line chart when the chart is connection two points with a line. I also want that the chart should draw the variation between these two points , rather just connecting the two points. For you to get a better understanding of my situation I am attaching a pic of the graph that I need to draw. Currently I am using MSLine graph.
  3. Setxmldata Is Not Working

    Thanks for your help. What was the error ??? Can you please let me know. And your resolved code has two parameters, was the problem due to 3 parameters. I have a requirement where the y axis parameter can me more 5 or 6 you can say. Please help me out. Thanks again. Jawed
  4. Hi All, I am using power charts of fusion chart and am creating a multi-axis line chart. The code is working file if I am getting the data from a link but if I am getting the data through setXMLData then I am getting a error 'invalid data'. The code is given below. var myChart = new FusionCharts( "../../Charts/MultiAxisLine.swf", "myChartId", "750", "450", "0", "1" ); myChart.setXMLData("<chart caption='Power Generator' xAxisName='Time' showValues='0' divLineAlpha='100' numVDivLines='4' vDivLineAlpha='0' showAlternateVGridColor='1' alternateVGridAlpha='5'><categories><category label='00:00s' /><category label='00:04s' /><category label='00:08s' /><category label='00:12s'> <category label='00:16s' /><category label='00:20s' /></categories><axis title='Power' titlePos='left' tickWidth='10' divlineisdashed='1'><dataset seriesName='Power [W]' ><set value='6' /><set value='26' /> <set value='16' /><set value='27' /><set value='28' /><set value='33'/></dataset></axis><axistitle='Temp.' titlePos='left' numDivLines='14' tickWidth='10' divlineisdashed='1' ><dataset seriesName='Temperature'> <set value='296' /><set value='311' /><set value='336' /><set value='371' /><set value='389' /><set value='393' /></dataset> </axis><axis title='Speed[RPM]' titlepos='RIGHT' axisOnLeft='0' numDivLines='10' tickWidth='10' divlineisdashed='1'><dataset seriesName='Speed'><set value='1' /><set value='11' /><set value='36' /><set value='49' /><set value='68' /><set value='88' /></dataset></axis></chart>"); myChart.render( "chartContainer" ); The xml data is of fusion chart example data. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks jawed