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  1. Hello, I'm attempting to upgrade from 3.10.1 to 3.13.3 and am encountering this error with the new charts. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'chartContainer' of undefined at FusionCharts._addChartDependency (fusioncharts.js:4954) at trackVisibility (fusioncharts.js:3050) How would you advise I go about trying to figure out where the error is? I wouldn't be able to send you my ASP.NET app. It was working without error in version 3.10.1. One thing that occurred to me is that we drop the active collection and then get new charts when the user traverses a date range. Could that be the issue? Are the new charts sensitive to being removed? Thanks, Emilio
  2. for color scale numbers

    That's very helpful. Thank you!
  3. Hello, I'm trying to format the maxValues found in the color range object. I'd like them to include commas as thousands separators. If I supply the values pre-formatted (with commas), the map gives me unexpected results. Please check out my fiddle. Specifically, I'd like the maxValues 1470 and 7042 to have comma seperators. Thanks, Emilio
  4. USA DMA maps no longer color correctly

    Thank you, Akash. I have another question on formatting the numbers in the color scale, but I'll post that as a separate question. Emilio
  5. Hello, I've referenced this fiddle of a USA DMA chart over the last few years and it's always displayed the colors correctly. But now it appears to only be paying attention to one of the colors. The ones associated with the color objects don't appear to be having an effect. Did something change with this map recently to break this? Also, is there a way I can reference older FusionCharts/Maps js files when testing with fiddles? I only know how to get the latest js files. Just in case the link doesn't work, attached is the JS portion of the fiddle. Thanks, Emilio usa dma map fiddle js.txt
  6. Hello FusionCharts, I've been thinking about this a little more and I guess what I'm asking is if there's a way to make those two objects (bar and line) aware of each other. Am I right in thinking that they're not currently? So, if my chart is small enough, then there's likely to be overlapping of elements. Is that correct? Thanks.
  7. Our charts have a height smaller than what you show. If you change the height on the fiddle chart to something around 150, you'll see overlapping. Any thoughts on that, or my other question? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, Is there any way to avoid the collision that can happen between bar value and line dot, as shown in attached screenshot? Specifically, the collision occurs over the first bar where the bar value and line dot want to occupy the same space. Secondly, I've requested that the bar values be placed outside of the bars but the 2nd bar's value isn't cooperating. I believe this has to do with the amount of space above the bar. Is there a way to make sure there's always enough room above the bars to display the values so that no overlap happens? Thanks, Emilio dataSource JSON.txt
  9. I appreciate the offer, but I don't think that would be a better solution for my particular scenario than what I've worked up: adding a buffer zone to the top of the chart by manipulating the axis max value attributes. The reason I say this is because there will inevitably be times when the bars collide with the vline label. And if the vline label background is transparent, then the text may get lost in the bar - especially if the two colors are the same or similar. This is not something I had foreseen when I originally posted my question. I don't know if your proposed change would help anyone else, but please don't make the change on my behalf. Thanks! Emilio
  10. Hello, Can you share the formula that FusionCharts uses when calculating the yAxisMaxValue? I'm overriding it for one of them, but I want FusionCharts to calculate the other one. However, the adjustDiv attribute doesn't work that way. By setting this to False, both axis are left for manual calculation, as well as the number of div lines. If I knew what formula FC uses for calculating this, I could override one of them and supply this formula to the other one. Thanks, Emilio
  11. Hello Prerana, Thanks for the tips. Using the transparency as I mentioned it originally doesn't fix the problem. As you mentioned, it is not supported. I like your suggestions for using annotations, but haven't implemented that at this point. Instead, I made the label background the same color as the canvas, removed the label's border, and added some padding at the top of the chart (by using the pYAxisMaxValue attribute) so that no bars get occluded by the vline label. Thanks, Emilio
  12. Hello, I have a chart that is making use of a vline. The vline has a label whose background I'd like to be transparent. Is this possible to do? I've tried the data label attribute 'labelBgAlpha', but that didn't seem to work for the vline label. Here is a sample jsfiddle, where you can see a bar getting clipped by the vline label: https://jsfiddle.net/3milio/ps62tnz0/. Thanks, Emilio
  13. I should also mention that this issue is with version 3.2.2 of Fusioncharts, and the XML for the first chart is pasted below. <chart Decimals="0" aboutMenuItemLabel="Export to Excel" aboutMenuItemLink="swfXML.aspx?ID=ColumnChart|160599|158229|10/24/2016|10/30/2016|158229.158230.158231.160598.160599|Week|0|0|E" alternateHGridColor="" baseFontColor="FFFFFF" bgAlpha="0,0" bgColor="000000" bgRatio="0" canvasBgAlpha="0" canvasBgAngle="0" canvasBgColor="FFFFFF" canvasBgRatio="0" canvasBorderAlpha="0" chartBottomMargin="20" chartLeftMargin="3" chartRightMargin="36" chartTopMargin="13" divLineColor="999999" forceDecimals="0" forceYAxisValueDecimals="0" formatNumberScale="1" labelDisplay="" legendBgAlpha="0" legendBorderAlpha="0" numberPrefix="$" numberSuffix="" outCnvBaseFontColor="FFFFFF" placeValuesInside="1" plotColor="FF00BB" plotFillAlpha="100" plotFillRatio="100" rotateLabels="" rotateValues="" showAboutMenuItem="1" showBorder="0" showExportDataMenuItem="" showLabels="" showLegend="0" showLimits="" showValues="" showYAxisValues="0" slantLabels="" toolTipBgColor="000000" toolTipBorder="FFFFFF" toolTipFontColor="FF00BB" toolTipSepChar="" yAxisName="" yAxisValueDecimals="0"> <categories> <category Label="Budget"/> <category Label="Actual"/> </categories> <dataset> <set color="EB0C81" toolText="" value="275000.0000"/> <set color="099015" toolText="" value="290000.0000"/> </dataset> <trendLines/> <styles> <definition> <style bgColor="000000" borderColor="666666" color="FFFFFF" font="Verdana" name="TTipFont" size="10" type="font"/> </definition> <application> <apply styles="TTipFont" toObject="TOOLTIP"/> </application> </styles> <ChartTitle chart_title="Media Spend"/> </chart> We do have a more recent version of the charts for our new website. However, we're keeping the old one up during the transition. Until that's over, I need to continue supporting the old one. And, as I mentioned previously, this works fine in browsers other than Firefox. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Emilio
  14. I started seeing this in Firefox version 49.0.1, and am now also seeing it in 49.0.2. The Flash chart backgrounds are not transparent. I've attached screenshots of how our charts look on both Firefox and Chrome. Flash version is Know what might be causing this? Thanks, Emilio
  15. Hello, I'm working on an ASP.NET site that contains FusionChart (v 3.10.1) charts with the exportEnabled option set to true, and using the export.api3 URL to handle the image processing. However, whenever a user clicks on the button to save the image the page reloads/refreshes in addition to the image being saved. I know less about the HTML side than the code-behind, but the best I can tell is that a form on the page contains a default postback method with the page's URL, and that's being called when the export is executed. Is this common? Is there a way to fix this, from either the chart's end or the form's end? The form, by the way, is used to contain a couple of asp elements. Any insights would be most appreciated. Emilio