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  1. Scrollable Gantt Masking / Z Order Incorrect

    Bump... this is a fairly bad issue in the commercial component. Any ideas what's happening?
  2. I'm using FusionWidgets 3.x (purchased) and Flex 4.5.1... instantiating an instance of the Gantt Chart as: chart = new FusionWidgets(); chart.FCChartType = "Gantt"; chart.percentWidth = 100; chart.percentHeight = 100; addElement( chart as IVisualElement ); The XML served up includes these two options: ganttPaneDuration='2' ganttPaneDurationUnit='d' When the dataset is limited to 2 days or less - no problem. When the dataset spans 3 or more days - the scrollpane appears above the chart (effectively blocking it) and it looks like masking is broken. Here are two screenshots to help illustrate the problem.