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  1. In a Drag Node chart is there any way to define the positioning of the connectors to the source and target objects? For example, I want a connector to go from the top left of the "from" object ID to the bottom right of the "end" object ID. Currently my connectors appear to have "random" start and end positioning in with one to many objects, connections are partially hidden behind other target objects as shown in the attached screen shot.
  2. I have created a drag node chart and tried to include the plus sign in the name field but is comes up blank. I have resorted to the hex-dec code for sigma but really would like to use the plus sign. Anyone got work arounds?
  3. I use the following syntax in a waterfall chart: xAxisName='Tax Element' yAxisName='Tax Effect' showValues='1' connectorDashed='1' labelDisplay='ROTATE' slantLabels='1' rotateValues='1' decimals='1' yAxisValueDecimals='1' forceDecimals='1' bgColor='0067a6,FFFFFF' bgAlpha='5' formatNumber='1' numberSuffix='%25' However source data values such as 45.28 continue to be displayed on the chart as 45.0 when I would like the display to be 45.3. Anyone found a resolution to this? What am I missing in my chart parameters? - Gramps
  4. I have the Fusion Maps Enterprise on my PC and am trying to use the map GUI to create Markers. However, despite have popups disabled for "Intranet" settings, I continue to get popups and am unable to create my markers. I also checked all my Intranet ActiveX settings and they are all currently enabled. What else might I be missing? Gramps
  5. Has anyone been able to add a caption to an angular gauge? I want to add a title to the top of my gauge similar to captions in charts.