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  1. convert chart to bitmap image

    Hi Pallav Nadhani, The implementation of this feature doesn't seem to be out of reach nor do I think it will significantly effect the size of the swf files themselves. Would it be totally out of line to suggest the feature be implemented and let us worry about the server load it creates? Thanks, Dan
  2. Export to JPEG

    I have been working on a site that is using FusionCharts. The value it adds to the project in the clients eye's are invaluable. That being said. I need to be able to generate PDF's of the dynamic reports. XSL:FO doesn't support using SWF as an image file so I need to be able to pull a jpeg(or at worst bmp) out of your chart. This feature will put FC over the top for me and I'll be able to use it in all my projects. Thanks for your time, Dan