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  1. Hi Sudipto you are right I got it working now I Just copied the Gantt.swf in web application root folder and referenced it's working great now Thanks a lot for your team So it has to be the all files in web folders to get it working
  2. Hi Arindam, Yes I am running all this in web server only did tried relative path exact path etc the issue now is If I give myChart.setDataURL("C:/../../Gantt/MyFirstChart.xml"); Then it works fine remember the data on this file is just cut and paste of the following asp's output but if I give the actual asp which generates the xml output myChart.setDataURL("C:/../../BasicDBExample.asp"); it doesn't work here(says "invalid xml data") so really confused why the direct link to asp not working if I give myChart.setDataXML("C:/../../BasicDBExample.asp"); then getting "no data to display" error message anything I am missing here. any ideas?
  3. Hi Arindam, Thanks a lot I did tried that's fine the error gone but the chart not showing (If I copy the xml output and save as .xml after replacing double quotes with single qoute then the refer it works) Is that because I am using trail version and do I need to replace the double and single quotes too if so how when I view the asp page the xml generated having double quotes in it? any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hi I am trying to generate Gantt chart on the fly Attached my asp page and another html page which shows the gantt chart but I am getting invalid xml data error any ideas why I am getting? Is this because of trail version If so any work around? Thanks a lot The output I am having from the strXML is as below (from firebox browser is that double quote matter here) - - - BasicDBExample11.txt