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  1. Uncaught Typeerror: Illegal Invocation

    Any update on this? I still have not been able to find the problem with the code. Have you? Any thoughts on the different versions? Thank you, John
  2. Uncaught Typeerror: Illegal Invocation

    I have compared your changes with that of my original post and the only thing I can find that you changes was to remove the HTML comments around the java script. I have copied your lastes post verbatim to another testing file and it still throws the invalid invocation error. The ONLY things I changed to it was the references to my location of the .js and .swf. So assuming you tested this and it worked for you this forces me to conclude that the HTML is not the problem, but please confirm. I have moved to other locations.... Verified the version of the JS file...which has a header of: /*! * FusionCharts JavaScript Library * Copyright FusionCharts Technologies LLP * @license License Information at <> * * @author FusionCharts * @version 3.2.1-release * * Third-party attributions: * SWFObject v2.2 <> * JSON v2 <> * Firebug Lite 1.3.0 <> * jQuery 1.4.2 <> */ Verified the version of the is 3.2 see the URL or attached screenshot Verified the version of flash at for Mac. Cleared the cache on the browsers for good measure and again tried it in Chrome, FF, and Safari, but no joy. I redownloaded the package and tried again...nope Then I started looking at other factors, the server is a godaddy linux server, I doubt it, but could that have something to do with it? My next bet is it is in your .js file somewhere it says line 15, but it is all on line 15. I have thought about decompressing the code to find the actual line number. Are you able to see the error on my site on your side? Are you able to reproduce it? Does the fact that the JS is version 3.2.1 and the swf is 3.2 make a difference? Thank you John
  3. Uncaught Typeerror: Illegal Invocation

    Thank you, but I am not seeing what you edited...I have tried paste just the code into my sample and I get an invalid character. It is likely the ""subcaption":"In Million {:content:}quot;," lines in the chart definition. Please point me to what you changed. Thank you, John
  4. I am trying to do a Stacked3D Column chart using JSON as the data source and I can't seem to get past a JS Error. All FireBug or Chrome will tell me is: Uncaught TypeError: Illegal invocationI have done everything I can think of to resolve this. I have tested it in Chrome 13, FF 6.0.2, Safari 5.1 all with the same results but slightly different wording on the error. TThe HTML of the page is this: <html> <head> <title> Distinct Projects by Program</title> <script type="text/javascript" src="charts/FusionCharts/Charts/FusionCharts.js"></script> </head> <body> <div id="chartContainer" style="height:100%;">FusionCharts will load here!</div> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- FusionCharts._fallbackJSChartWhenNoFlash(); FusionCharts.debugMode.enabled(true); FusionCharts.debugMode.outputTo(console.log); var myChart = new FusionCharts( "charts/FusionCharts/Charts/StackedColumn3D.swf", "myChartId", "800", "600", "1", "1" ); myChart.setJSONData({ "chart":{ "caption":"Annual Revenue", "subcaption":"In Million {:content:}quot;, "xaxisname":"Year", "pyaxisname":"Sales in M{:content:}quot;, "syaxisname":"Cost as % of Revenue", "decimals":"0", "numberprefix":"{:content:}quot;, "numbersuffix":"M", "snumbersuffix":"%25" }, "categories":[{ "category":[ { "label":"2001" }, { "label":"2002" }, { "label":"2003" }, { "label":"2004" }, { "label":"2005" } ] } ], "dataset":[{ "dataset":[{ "seriesname":"Product A", "color":"AFD8F8", "showvalues":"0", "data":[ { "value":"30" }, { "value":"26" }, { "value":"29" }, { "value":"31" }, { "value":"34" } ] }, { "seriesname":"Product B", "color":"F6BD0F", "showvalues":"0", "data":[ { "value":"21" }, { "value":"28" }, { "value":"39" }, { "value":"41" }, { "value":"24" } ] } ] }, { "dataset":[{ "seriesname":"Service A", "color":"8BBA00", "showvalues":"0", "data":[ { "value":"27" }, { "value":"25" }, { "value":"28" }, { "value":"26" }, { "value":"10" } ] }, { "seriesname":"Service B", "color":"A66EDD", "showvalues":"0", "data":[ { "value":"17" }, { "value":"15" }, { "value":"18" }, { "value":"16" }, { "value":"10" } ] }, { "seriesname":"Service C", "color":"F984A1", "showvalues":"0", "data":[ { "value":"12" }, { "value":"17" }, { "value":"16" }, { "value":"15" }, { "value":"12" } ] } ] } ]}); myChart.render("chartContainer"); // --> </script> </body> </html> As you can see I have resorted to just using the sample data from the Stacked JSON example, I did this after my data wouldn't work. The page can be accessed here: http://attaskexpert....ckProgCount.php The swf and js paths are correct and in the same domain. The output of debug provides this: Info: Chart loaded and initialized. Initial Width: 800 Initial Height: 600 Scale Mode: noScale Debug Mode: Yes Application Message Language: EN Version: 3.2.1 Chart Type: Stacked 3D Column Chart Chart Objects: BACKGROUND CANVAS CAPTION SUBCAPTION YAXISNAME XAXISNAME DIVLINES YAXISVALUES DATALABELS DATAVALUES TRENDLINES TRENDVALUES DATAPLOT TOOLTIP VLINES LEGEND VLINELABELS INFO: Chart registered with external script. DOM Id of chart is myChartId INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method. XML Data: <chart caption="Annual Revenue" subcaption="In Million {:content:}quot; xaxisname="Year" pyaxisname="Sales in M{:content:}quot; syaxisname="Cost as % of Revenue" decimals="0" numberprefix="{:content:}quot; numbersuffix="M" snumbersuffix="%25"><categories><category label="2001" /><category label="2002" /><category label="2003" /><category label="2004" /><category label="2005" /></categories><dataset><dataset seriesname="Product A" color="AFD8F8" showvalues="0"><set value="30" /><set value="26" /><set value="29" /><set value="31" /><set value="34" /></dataset><dataset seriesname="Product B" color="F6BD0F" showvalues="0"><set value="21" /><set value="28" /><set value="39" /><set value="41" /><set value="24" /></dataset></dataset><dataset><dataset seriesname="Service A" color="8BBA00" showvalues="0"><set value="27" /><set value="25" /><set value="28" /><set value="26" /><set value="10" /></dataset><dataset seriesname="Service B" color="A66EDD" showvalues="0"><set value="17" /><set value="15" /><set value="18" /><set value="16" /><set value="10" /></dataset><dataset seriesname="Service C" color="F984A1" showvalues="0"><set value="12" /><set value="17" /><set value="16" /><set value="15" /><set value="12" /></dataset></dataset></chart> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, John